Where Does All The E-Waste End Up?


The swift changes in the development of technology have made the society modernized and sophisticated. Along with the positive changes such developments have exposed us to hazardous effects including e-waste. Toxic materials are emerging from the obsolete and out of dated electronic items that are dumped in the landfills. These toxic materials include heavy metals and contaminated water with chlorinated solvents which may affect our natural resources including soil and air. As per the estimates, America has produced ...

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[INFOGRAPHIC] How much are we wasting?


It is really important for all consumers to know and understand how much electronics they are using and how much e-waste is produced because of them. This info-graphic is nothing but a wakeup call for all the consumers who use and change electronics rapidly. The electronic waste is caused by the broken, obsolete or out of date electronics that we throw away or dump into the landfills. These electronics range from cell phones, TVs, videogames, desktop computers, laptops and ...

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10 Ways To Tackle Global Waste


Amount of waste is mainly determined by two factors: the population of any area and how things are consumed in that area. When you see any landfill of waste you realize how much waste we produce with the usage of different things in our lives. The problem of global waste is very obvious and it doesn’t only affect our environment but human health too. It is our responsibility to decide whether we reduce the waste or consume it by ...

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E-waste: Recycle or Refuse


As the usage of electronics increase with the passage of time, the waste that is caused by them is also increasing. The term e-waste is referred as electronic waste which is caused by dumping or discarding the electronics in an inefficient manner. Consumer electronics mostly cause such waste because people keep on buying the latest devices and dump or throw away the old ones without realizing the harm that is caused by them not only to the environment but also ...

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Work Towards a Cleaner America This Independence Day!


Independence Day is just round the corner and you wouldn’t want to disappoint your country, our beloved United States of America, with different types of pollution all around it. Ensure a cleaner and healthier country especially on its day of Independence because it came into being after all the immense hard work. It is a federal holiday and the best time to spread awareness about how to get rid of electronic waste in an effective and proper way so ...

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