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Can an ex Smartphone kill you? It can especially if you live in Guiyu where your old phone will probably be left to rot in a landfill next to other types of electronic waste. This waste is not recycled and is burnt or dismantled manually by local residents. As a result, ash from burning piles of e-waste ends up in the city’s canals and streams. Anything that cannot be used or dismantled is left in a landfill where it leaks corrosive chemicals into the ground.

Global e-waste dumping is a worrying trend. However, consumers can reduce the amount of waste that ends up in these landfills. How? Recycling is an option. But can consumers reuse discarded electronics without dismantling them? They can if they upcycle these items instead. Unlike recycling, upcycling repurposes old items. In this way, e-waste ceases to be waste and becomes useful.

Can you use old wires or screws as a pair of earrings? Did you know that you can use an old plastic chassis as a mailbox? Read on to find out how –

1. Make Some Bling

Your choice of jewelry reflects your personality. Jewelry that is made out of e-waste makes a bigger statement about your eco-commitments as well. Instead of trashing old screws or RAM devices, turn them into a pair of funky earrings.  These are bound to raise some eyebrows. Some people also promote their earrings on websites like Pinterest and sell them.

2. E-waste Décor

oil light bulb
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Do you have a box of used bulbs lying around? Empty them out and turn them into oil lamps. These will look beautiful once you light them. You can also make the most out of old bulbs by turning them into beautiful vases. Fill the bulbs with water and stick some flowers in them. They will look gorgeous in any room.

3. Other Useful Items

Other Useful Items
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You probably have some old cassette players in a box in the attic or a plastic chassis from an old computer lying around a corner. Make them usable instead of chucking them out. Take out the reel from an old cassette and use it as a coin purse. Remove all the wires, circuit boards and other hardware from the plastic chassis and use it as a mail box.

4. Toys And Sculptures

Instead of throwing old wires and metal casings in a dumpster, use them to make toys. In this way, you keep your kids entertained and teach them about eco-friendly practices at the same time. You can also exhibit your creative genius by turning broken machine parts into beautiful sculptures.

5. Turn Them Into Art

This skull is made out of old typewriter parts. You can see how the artist used the keys to make the teeth. You can do the same with other types of old hardware. Turn old electronic components into wall art or come up with your own ideas. Everything from colorful batteries to old CDs can be turned into artwork if you know what to do

One man’s e-waste can become another man’s treasure if it is upcycled. When you repurpose electronic waste you don’t only get to use them again – you also reduce the amount of e-waste that ends up in landfills.

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