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Ethical and safe disposal of e-waste

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Hummingbird International, LLC offers top quality e-waste management solutions to businesses, corporate groups, commercial entities and the residential sector. With over a decade of experience in the field, we excel in e-waste disposal, recycling, computer upgrading, dispatch and making electronic items reusable. Our e-waste collection services are currently available in major regions in the US including Philadelphia, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington DC. Our collection services are free of cost so you can call and schedule your e-waste pickup anytime.

We pay you the most

Our services are comprehensive and cover all areas of e-waste management and electronics recycling. We offer the following range of services to our clients:

Choose Smart Recycling To Minimize Your Carbon Footprint and Maximize Returns On Your Electronics.

Hummingbird International, LLC ensures that the processes it follows comply with State, National and Local laws and regulations. Each recycling process, be it residential disposal or commercial disposal, is backed by an audit trail that allows our clients to keep track of their e-waste and know where it is being utilized. We also make sure that none of your disposal items cross international borders.

We pay you the most

Keep away from toxic chemicals 

Responsible disposal of eWaste 

Beware of Toxic Materials. Make This Planet A Better Place To Live. Recycle Your eWaste!

With our free collection services and adequate computer recycling process, we enable you to play your part in preserving the environment from toxic materials like lead, phosphorous and beryllium that are released into the air by improper treatment of computers, LCDs/Monitors, hard drives, televisions and other e-waste. Let’s make this world a better place together.

We pay you the most

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