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Texas is a thriving economic hub plus one of the largest e-waste producers in the country.

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Let this progress not cost us the Earth. Join hands with Hummingbird International for some of the most agile and successful IT asset disposal in Texas and beyond. Set up a free consultation today.

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ITAD That’s Scaled to Fit Your Needs

Our IT asset disposal services in Texas are custom-designed adaptable solutions. Instead of prepackaged e-waste recycling, we offer refined IT asset disposition that answers your specific concerns.

From secure data handling to hardware shredding and from test and repair to responsible refurbishment, we constantly evolve to provide the most advanced and sustainable recycling solutions to our eco-conscious consumers.

Whether you are looking for home computer recycling in Texas or need e-waste solutions for the enterprise IT level, we’ve got you covered.

We are a licensed, registered, and certified professional IT asset disposition service in Texas committed to a cleaner and more sustainable Texas.

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ITAD in Texas
ITAD in Texas

Our ITAD Process

Following EPA and Texas State guidelines, we employ a thorough e-waste recycling in Texas that delivers the maximum value to consumers and the planet. Devices that we collect during e-waste pickups go through a multistage process comprising

  • Safe data destruction
  • Hardware shredding
  • Component dismantling
  • Repair and refurbishment
  • Reprocessing recycling

Through this meticulous asset disposition in Texas, we implement a system of circular economy. We ensure that your sensitive data is safely removed from all discarded devices. Traces of the remaining data are made unreadable. Valuable materials are separated from the waste to send them for further manufacturing. Large hardware items are crushed and shredded to facilitate processing. Extracted materials undergo purification to maximize their value for future products. The final remains containing actual waste are crushed into a powder-like form so that when they are sent to landfills, they don’t contaminate natural resources and are easily digested by Earth.

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IT & Electronic Devices We Recycle

We recycle a diverse variety of IT assets and electronic devices in Texas and the surrounding areas. We group these massive types of devices under three major categories as below.

  1. Consumer Electronics

    Laptops, LED TVs and monitors, personal computers, battery-powered toys, smartphones, watches, and more.

  2. Office & Industrial Equipment

    Printers, lab equipment, scanners, phone systems, monitoring and control devices, and more.

  3. Specialty Devices

    Other types of general electric and electronic waste, legacy devices, medical equipment, etc. are clubbed into this category.

Through these comprehensive recycling solutions, we cater to efficient IT recycling in Texas. Whether you are looking for responsible e-waste handling for your home, school, work, or company, set up your free consultation with us, and let’s fix this together.

Commercial and Residential ITAD in Texas

Don’t let the fear of piling e-waste come between you and your ambitions. Partner with Hummingbird International to proactively manage all of your Texas ITAD worries and lead your family and team with confidence and ease.

At Hummingbird International, we provide wide-ranging residential e-waste recycling to make sure you and your family have access to a hassle-free way of handling your discarded electronics.

Encouraging the habit of recycling by making it easy at home, we take it up a notch with our commercial ITAD solutions. We help companies upgrade their IT infrastructure from a place of information and control.

By integrating straightforward and sustainable ITAD into every part of the business, we make e-waste recycling a regular part of your workday. We make information available, help businesses train employees on e-waste best practices, and remain available to support you in your business goals.

Whether you are looking for safe and secure IT asset disposition services for your work or home, call us and set up a free meeting.

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ITAD in Texas

We provide free collection services in Philadelphia, New
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Just schedule a pick-up call for computer disposal and we will have all your unwanted electronic appliances collected from your company’s warehouse free of charges. We also assist companies in recycling / reutilize their old and outdated computer systems and electronic appliances.


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