Ready to retire your old laptop? Do it responsibly.

Laptops have an optimal lifespan of 5 years. To ensure the hardware is on par with modern times, laptop upgrades are essential.

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To keep the environmental impact of this cycle at a minimum, we offer internationally standard laptop recycling services across the country. Reach out to us for safe and ethical e-waste solutions.

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What is Laptop Recycling?

Laptop recycling is the process where a professional e-waste recycler collects your discarded electronics and prepares them for new life. The laptop is dismantled and its parts are sorted into categories. Valuable materials like plastics, glass, and metals are refurbished for future use in making new products. Materials that are broken beyond repair or that cannot be used for future manufacturing are turned into ash-like forms to make their disposal easy on the planet.

Old laptop disposal includes an additional step in the process where we try and fix the machine to resale it in the secondary markets. This further alleviates the e-waste pressure on landfills by directly reducing the number of discarded electronics.

Remember that recycling laptops is a hazardous process and must be handled by experts and professional bodies. Connect with Hummingbird International to ensure the safe recycling of all your outdated electronics.

Why Do You Need Laptop Recycling?

Ethical laptop recycling is essential for three critical reasons:

  • 1. Preserving resources. Most electronics, including laptops, are made with incredibly valuable materials. Gold, cobalt, silver, and platinum, to name a few. Mining these materials is expensive and dangerous. Efficient old laptop disposal allows us to extract these materials from discarded gadgets and use them for future manufacturing — bringing down mining and extending the life of these valuable metals.
  • 2. Reducing waste. E-waste generation continues to rise aggressively. Plus it’s extremely toxic. Lithium-ion batteries which are used to power most laptops contain cobalt, a substance that when handled improperly can cause skin irritation and respiratory issues in humans, and if leached into the soil, has catastrophic risks for the environment and human health.
  • 3. Following the law. Several states and the District of Colombia have made it illegal to throw discarded electronics along with the rest of your garbage. Companies like Hummingbird International help you comply with the law by collecting your e-waste and recycling your laptops for free.

Through means like broken laptop recycling and laptop battery disposal, we take a lot of this waste out of circulation and turn it either into new products — preserving resources — or crush it into a powder so it’s not harmful to the environment when sent to landfills.

stack of old laptops for recycling
Environmentally safe laptop disposal and recycling

Free Laptop Recycling and Hummingbird International

Our experience in the market has taught us that one of the major reasons businesses and households struggle with safe electronics recycling is that it comes with several hurdles and frictions. From lugging the discarded gadgets to a recycling facility to not knowing if that business is trustworthy, and having to sometimes pay recycling fees — the issues are diverse.

At Hummingbird International, we offer you a simple process.

Just call us and we’ll come to collect your old and broken laptops. Our Dell laptop recycling and HP laptop recycling services are the most sought-after but we offer safe laptop disposal for several more companies.

Our residential IT disposal and commercial IT disposal services address the e-waste crisis from both homes and offices. We are trusted by individuals, businesses, schools, and organizations. All our processes are EPA-compliant and follow the latest state and federal guidelines. To learn how to prepare your laptop for recycling to keep your data worries at bay, here is our detailed guide.

Find a laptop recycling center near you in PA, NJ, and NY by calling us at 888-392-7839 or filling out the form below.

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