Laptop Disposal

Ethical and safe disposal of e-waste

It is estimated that over 21 million laptops were sold in the U.S. only in 2012. The number is far greater for 2013 which suggests that laptop replacement is on the rise as well. As newer and faster versions of laptops are introduced in the market, individuals and companies start replacing the old ones. Since the old laptops become unwanted, they are thrown away in trash which eventually ends up in landfills. This not only wastes countless valuable materials used in making the laptops, but the improper disposal also exposes our environment to hazardous substances.

With Hummingbird International, LLC, you can be sure that your laptop recycling is done in a manner that is compliant with local, state and federal laws and regulations. Our company is Philadelphia based but we provide effective laptop disposal services that cover complete data destruction, proper laptop dismantling and safe recycling of the e-waste for all companies and small businesses. We keep records of all laptops that are given for disposal /recycling for audit purposes so that you can keep a track of where your e-waste has ended up.

Did you know that by recycling 1 million laptops we can save the energy equivalent to light 3,657 U.S. homes a year? The amount of energy and inputs that are used in manufacturing electronic items like laptops creates burden on already scarce resources. So the next time you think of discarding your old, unwanted or dead laptops, give us a call and we will handle the rest in a professionally safe, clean and environmentally responsible manner.

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