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With the advancement in technology, many laptops are becoming obsolete. Newer, updated laptops are replacing the old ones, causing people to throw away their old laptops for recycling or cash. According to Fortune, around 302 million laptops were sold in 2020 even amidst a pandemic.

The rates at which people are buying new laptops, and thus disposing old laptops are growing exponentially. With this comes the increase in e-waste that is caused due to this excessive supply of laptops. This is where laptop recycling comes in.

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Why Do You Need Laptop Recycling?

Laptop recycling is important for two reasons. First, when you dump your laptop among other garbage, you’re blatantly wasting a plethora of raw materials that can be used to manufacture other products. Material like plastic, rubber, and metals can be easily extracted from used and outdated laptops. They can then be used in making new laptops, machinery, and cables.

Secondly, disposing of laptops irresponsibly causes them to eventually fill up landfills. These laptops, in their damaged and broken state, may react with other material in the dump and release toxic substances. These devices contain chromium and lead which can be absorbed by the ground or can fill up the air when the garbage is burnt. These chemicals are known to cause serious damage to human health as well as the environment.

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When you recycle laptops, whether for commercial disposal or residential disposal, you waste valuable material as well as the absorption of toxins into the land, water, and air, saving the environment as well the people around you from the hazardous effects.

Instead of opting for a safe and secure computer recycling process, you are harming the environment. This is where we, e-waste recycling experts come in. Just give us the charge, and we’ll make your computer recycling process easy.

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Free Laptop Recycling at Hummingbird International

At Hummingbird International, we provide free laptop recycling services and safe disposal of IT waste. We follow international standards when dismantling and recycling laptops. Our team of professionals effectively dismantle your laptops to ensure 100% erasure of your data, efficient extraction of useful material, and recycling of e-waste.

If you’re thinking of throwing away your laptop, give us a call instead and let the professionals do your work for you!

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