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For prompt and convenient IT asset disposition in New York, you can rely on Hummingbird International for fast and free e-waste pickup from your doorstep.

Convenient IT Asset Disposition, New York

new-jersey-firstTo keep up with the fast-paced New York lifestyle, most residents equip themselves with many gadgets including laptops, computers and accessories. With short shelf lives, many of these gadgets will get obsolete within no time and need a proper IT asset disposition (ITAD) approach. To ensure that your gadgets don’t end up in landfills, and harm the environment, Hummingbird International offer convenient and easy IT asset disposal in New York areas.

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Why IT Asset Disposal, NY is a Must

When you are busy and don’t have time, it is easy to dump electronics gadgets that are unusable in the bin which usually end up in landfills. However, without IT asset disposition, NY, this method is highly harmful which usually results in deposits of toxic chemicals and fumes from batteries etc. into the earth. Fortunately, we can stop this IT asset disposition, NY through professional methods.

Apart from that, sometimes electronics may not work properly but with a few fixes, they become as good as new and usable for someone else. For this reason, proper computers and laptops recycling has been made a regulation in most states like New York. To ensure that you follow regulations consult with an expert in IT asset disposal, NY.

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How to Get Started with IT Asset Disposition, NY

If you are interested in IT asset disposition in New York then all you have to do is contact Hummingbird International. We offer safe recycling of old laptops, computers and accessories from residents in New York including businesses, offices, universities, colleges, schools and households.

Step 1: Just fill up the form below with your contact information to book a free IT asset disposition, NY.

Step 2: Our representative will contact you for details on e-waste you want to dispose and pick up time.

Step 3: Free pick up of e-waste right from your step.

What’s more. We also provide services for IT asset disposal in neighboring states as well including IT asset disposition, PA and IT asset disposition, NJ.

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We provide free collection services in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Connecticut and Washington DC.

New Jersey
New York
Washington DC

Just schedule a pick-up call for computer disposal and we will have all your unwanted electronic appliances collected from your company’s warehouse free of charges. We also assist companies in recycling / reutilize their old and outdated computer systems and electronic appliances.


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