Safe and sustainable
IT Asset Disposal
in New York

NYC collects 25,000 tons of e-waste yearly; burning or dumping most of it.

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In both cases, the waste releases toxic chemicals that pollute the environment. Partner with Hummingbird International for sustainable, ethical, and cost-free IT asset disposal in New York.

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ITAD in New York is Part of the Growing IT Industry

If we consider the United States the center for global IT development, then New York would be its beating heart. It’s the fastest-growing tech hub in the country with NYC employing 369,000 IT professionals in the metropolitan.

As the IT industry soars in New York, the need for safe and responsible IT asset disposal also increases. To ensure data safety as well as environmental interests, we offer wide-ranging IT asset disposal services for homes, offices, schools, and several other sectors.

No matter the location or scale of your e-waste concerns, we offer certified ITAD services that take care of the issue holistically. Call us to set up a free consultation and leave the rest to us.

ITAD in New York
ITAD in New York

What is IT Asset Disposal?

ITAD services or IT asset disposal refers to data erasure, hardware destruction, and e-waste recycling systems that take care of old, broken, discarded, or redundant IT devices from residential and commercial sectors.

As electronic devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc., come with despicably low shelf lives, they become obsolete quickly and must be upgraded to continue using the software most optimally. This culture of obsoletion has created the e-waste crisis that threatens the planet as its fastest-growing stream of toxic waste.

Our IT asset disposal for New York is a sustainable system for data removal and hardware destruction that’s aimed at curbing this toxic e-waste problem. By offering a quick and hassle-free IT asset disposal process, we help busy New Yorkers take care of their discarded tech in the most responsible manner possible.

Our ITAD recycling process involves stages such as:

  1. Data Destruction

    Through data destruction, we make all data on your discarded devices impossible to read.

  2. Hardware Shredding

    Hardware shredding turns hardware into pieces, so it poses no threat to the environment or your cyber security.

  3. Dismantling Components

    Dismantling ensures all the reusable parts of the device are properly sorted and cleaned for future use.

So take the pledge today and make responsible e-waste a part of your eco-conscious business practices. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs for secure IT asset disposal in New York.

Why Hummingbird International is the Right Choice?

For the mid-Atlantic US, we have been a trusted and reliable partner for secure ITAD services for several years. In compliance with the state legislature, federal laws, and environmental guidelines provided by global environmental agencies, we handle your IT asset disposal in New York with care and compassion.

By offering discreet data erasure services, responsible e-waste recycling, and sustainable refurbishment of all reusable components, we make ITAD in New York quick, easy, and profitable.

Whether you are looking for e-waste recycling for your personal computer or want us to handle a company-wide IT upgrade project, call us and set up a free consultation.

We offer flexible ITAD recycling programs that can fit your needs.

ITAD in New York

We provide free collection services in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Connecticut and Washington DC.

New Jersey
New York

Just schedule a pick-up call for computer disposal and we will have all your unwanted electronic appliances collected from your company’s warehouse free of charges. We also assist companies in recycling / reutilize their old and outdated computer systems and electronic appliances.


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