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The Information Technology (IT) sector is a crucial sector everywhere around the world. From healthcare to finance, e-commerce to the retail, military to government, all require the assistance of IT. Without IT, much of the technological advancement that has changed our lives wouldn’t be possible.

However, this sector also greatly contributes to the e-waste that is generated in huge amounts each year. With the increasing demand for IT products, many older products are discarded without much consideration.

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These products fill up landfills and release harmful chemicals into the air that can be detrimental to human health as well as the environment. Whether your IT department need commercial electronic disposal or just a type of products like monitor or LCD disposal, we are here for you to provide EPA compliant ewaste recycling service.

Our team of professionals are trusted globally for recycling computers and laptops as well as refurbishing them for longer use.

Why Is IT Disposal And Recycling Necessary?

IT disposal and recycling is not only an environmentally friendly procedure, but it makes your life easier too. Instead of leaving your IT products out in the trash and allowing them to pollute the environment around you, you can easily hand them over to our professional e-waste disposal team so that we can take care of your e-waste.

It saves you from the hassle of discarding your data safely, as the IT disposal includes the data deletion process as well. In this way, you are not only saving the environment but also yourself from any risks of fraud and scams.

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IT waste ready for electronic recycling
Old laptop and IT waste on the riverbed

IT Recycling Service

An IT recycling service ensures that the IT products are carefully disposed of after they have been recycled. We collect all unusable, outdated IT products for free and dismantle them to extract the usable material and resources whether you are looking for residential e-waste disposal or just some hard drives disposal. These usually include metals and plastic which can be later reused in making new IT products.

Once the recyclable material is separated, the unusable scrap is processed either by shredding or incineration. If the trash is incinerated then the heat or gas produced by it is used to power machines or generate electricity. This environment-friendly approach to computer recycling consumes the entire e-waste to either produce new items or power existing machinery.

So call our team of professionals now and let’s take care of your IT waste and e-waste disposal as well the environment together!

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