Sustainable IT Asset Disposal and Laptop Recycling

We are a planet-focused ITAD service committed to reusing, repurposing, and recycling old electronics.Make your electronics upgrade gentle on the planet with our responsible ITAD solutions.

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Proper IT asset disposal requires professional expertise at every stage — from data safety to hardware specialization. At Hummingbird International, we deliver you expert IT asset management every step of the way. We offer wide-ranging ITAD programs for comprehensive IT asset management.

Computer Disposal

Computer Disposal

As free computer recyclers, we retrieve usable parts from decommissioned computers so those parts can be repaired and refurbished for reuse and repurposing. The rest is properly recycled to make sure no e-waste reaches landfills to pollute the environment.

Laptop Disposal

Laptop Disposal

We offer free laptop recycling as well as free desktop pickup services to homes and businesses. Whether you are upgrading your team’s company laptops or have a personal upgrade in mind, call us for responsible laptop disposal options including asset remarketing.

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    Hard Drive Disposal

    Hard Drive Disposal

    We provide 100% secure IT asset disposal for all electronics recycling. Following NIST 800-88 standards, we use software to overwrite personal data, destroy the residual traces, and physically shred hard drives to eliminate any chance of data retrieval.

    Monitor/LCD Disposal

    Monitor & LCD Disposal

    They may not look it, but monitors and LCD screens carry highly toxic and hazardous substances dangerous to the environment. If you’ve got a broken or damaged screen or an old monitor, call us for its proper disposal and recycling.

    IT Disposal

    Free E-Waste Pickup

    Simplify your IT asset disposal with our free e-waste pickup. Call us to schedule a time convenient to you. We offer curbside pickup as well as detailed in-person sessions if you have a large surplus of equipment to deal with.

    Hassle-free E-Waste Recycling for Homes and Businesses

    If you think e-waste recycling is a chore, that’s because you haven’t done business with us yet. Our ITAD solutions are free, quick, and easy.

    Never send an old electronic device to a landfill ever again. From a handful of home electronics to a roomful of commercial IT assets, we have the tools and technologies to deal with it all.

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    • My experience with Hummingbird International, LLC is of impeccable performance and discreet efficiency. Whether it’s hard drive, computer, or laptop recycling; I have come to expect the highest quality of work from these guys. Since my own e-waste disposal needs are extensive, I feel obliged to thank them for their decision to work in other states such as New York and Washington DC area. Moreover, their work ethics are in compliance with the environmental and data security legislations of those states. This makes it even more comfortable to rely on them and leaving unnecessary concerns behind. This partnership is extremely valuable for our business wherever we work.

      - Sheri J. Knight

    • It’s been a long time since we started working with Hummingbird International, LLC. The journey has been rewarding and economic, and we couldn’t have been happier to leave our e-waste problems to these guys for a safe and responsible handling of data destruction.

      - Cody M. Prickett

    • Hummingbird International, LLC has kept my secure electronic waste disposal concerns at rest for a long time. It has been an authentic partnership of more than 5 years and I have always found their service professional and reasonably quick. Safe data destruction is their forte as well as computer recycling and I highly recommend their services. I feel really happy that they are planning to expand out of Philadelphia now. All the best, HB!

      - Paul B. Taylor

    Locations We Serve

    We are a nationwide IT asset disposal company with free collection centers and services in the following states.

    New Jersey
    New York

    Schedule a free pickup for all your e-waste collection needs. We offer services to residential as well as business clients looking for reliable and free e-waste recycling.

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