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Ethical Laptops and E-Waste Recycling for Free

As global citizens, we are responsible for recycling of electronic waste whether we are an individual, small business, school, organization or head of IT department of a large corporation. To make this process easy, Hummingbird International introduce to you free and professional e-waste recycling.

Hummingbird International has more than a decade experience in safe disposal and recycling of computer devices inside and outside of the United States.

With our combined expertise we offer you the best e-waste recycling services, for free!

We pay you the most

What We Mean by Professional and Free E-Waste Recycling

When you entrust us with your e-waste we make sure that they are handled with the utmost care, and responsible disposal of your electronic products.

We provide free pick up and free recycling of all types of electronic devices including:

  • Laptop computers
  • Desktop PCs
  • Printers
  • LCDs and LEDs
  • Keyboards
  • Monitors
  • Hard drives
  • …and more

Moreover, when we receive your electronic devices we have a team who makes sure that your electronic data is destroyed safely and through a data purging method.

Safe, professional, and free e-waste recycling.

We pay you the most

Corporate E-Waste Recycling Without the Hassle

Now you can dispose your corporate e-waste for recycling without the hassle. We provide easy and free pickup of electronic devices for recycling from large corporations, small businesses, schools, universities, offices, government organizations, and nonprofit organizations. Why pay for recycling when you can get it done for free? Get started now!

Laptop Recycling

Instead of dumping your electronic devices like laptops, desktop PCs, hard drives, keyboards and other hardware into landfills, let us do it for you free of charge. We will make sure that your laptops, and other computer device components like hard plastic, metals, magnets, and chips, etc. do not end up in landfills and pollute the environment. Instead, we help you protect the environment through ethical e-waste recycling.

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TV Recycling

One of the most frequently dumped electronic devices are TVs- an e-waste which is on the rise nowadays. Television sets like LCD’s and LEDs along with computer LCDs contain lead and mercury which are really harmful for the environment. You need to ensure that your old television sets are safely and ethically disposed by professionals. Why not try us today.

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Data Destruction

Sensitive corporate data in hard drives and storage devices are a major concern for companies who are searching for safe data destruction. Our professional team uses data wipe out method so you are guaranteed your data never fall into the wrong hands. Data destruction is carried out by magnetic field purging that will make your data destroyed permanently. Confidently recycle your data drives.

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We pay you the most

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