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Sustainable Computer Disposal

With the introduction of computers in our lives, things have become remarkably easier and quicker. We are almost entirely dependent on this machine which is why there is a vast increment in its production and demand. With the hefty supply of computers all around the world, many computers are unusable and obsolete and are usually thrown away. These computers usually end up in trash and landfills and pollute the environment.

We at Hummingbird International believe a more sustainable approach to computer recycling should be practiced to minimize the waste of natural resources used in making a single computer as well as to save the environment from harmful e-waste disposal.

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Sustainable and secure computer disposal

Why Is Computer Recycling And Disposal Important?

When you recycle a computer, you’re not only saving the environment from harmful toxins but also saving precious natural resources. On average, a single computer takes about 240 kg of fossil fuels and 0.5 tons of water in its production. When you throw away a computer without recycling, you’re wasting the resources that were used to make it and also creating the need for more consumption of natural resources.

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When properly dismantled, through a proper computer recycling process, a computer can be separated into different materials like plastic, metals, and rubber that can be used to make new electronic items. It can also be refurbished to make new and usable for others.

Secondly, a computer contains many toxic chemicals including cadmium, lead and phosphorous. When you throw a computer in a landfill, you’re allowing it to pollute the land, water, and air in that area. The toxic contaminants can cause immediate danger to humans and animals too. Instead, opt for a residential e-waste disposal or commercial e-waste disposal service by Hummingbird International to make the process environmental friendly.

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Free Computer Recycling And Disposal Services

Every one of us is responsible for playing our part in keeping the environment clean. Take one more step towards a sustainable and green environment and call us for all your laptop disposal and recycling needs. Our team of professionals expertly dismantles your computer to separate usable resources from e-waste. The e-waste is fully processed to prevent any pollution while also ensuring your data is completely erased from the device.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your computer recycled for free!

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