Computer Disposal

Ever since the first computer was developed, human lives became overly dependent on them. Computers have become an integral part of our living. However with faster and improved computer systems introduced regularly, the older ones become obsolete. According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report, 26-37 million computers become obsolete each year. Most of these obsolete computers are thrown away in the trash. Of these discarded computers, only 10-15% is recycled while the rest ends up in landfills.

By not following effective computer recycling or e-waste management system, not only do we put our environment at risk to pollutants, we also waste precious natural resources. A recent research conducted by UN revealed that it takes 22 kg chemicals, 240 kg fossil fuels and 0.5 tons of water in making a computer. Computers and its accessories including keyboards, mouse, speakers and other peripherals can be recycled in order to preserve useful resources.

Organizations, schools, hospitals and small businesses are all involved in disposal of computers and peripheral. Each one of us can make a difference by properly investing in the recycling of our electronic waste. Hummingbird International, LLC provides you with a free of cost solution, though, where you can get your obsolete computers collected and discarded in a safe and certified manner for free. So now when you wish to throw out your dad’s old i486, unwanted LCD screens or broken computer peripherals, you know who to contact.