Recycle Your Screens with Safe Computer Monitor Disposal

Computer monitors contain some of the most toxic substances known to man — lead, mercury, flame retardants, and several more.

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Keep these toxic components away from landfills by recycling computer monitors and other LCD screens. Join us now.

The Lifecycle of an LCD Monitor

The average lifespan of a LCD monitor or TV screen is 5 years. When it reaches it’s end of life, it’s pretty complicated to repair and thus most of these systems are given up as e-waste. However, in landfills, they leech their toxic chemicals into earth causing incredible health and environmental risks.

Communities that live closeby or workers tasked with improper recycling of LCD monitors can suffer consequences including air pollution, water contamination, developmental risks, and loss of valuable resources.

While the new LED technologies are phasing these old hazardous products out, there is still a huge gap to overcome. And recycling LCD monitors is the only solution.

LCD Screen Recycling for Modern Tech

Older models of these devices are made with LCDs — liquid crystal displays. While the liquid crystals themselves are not considered highly toxic, some formulations contain chemicals that can harm human or environmental health when released into the soil (such as when sent to landfills) or in large quantities.

Some of the typical devices that are made with LCDs include computer monitors, laptops, TV screens, notebooks, tablets, and cellphones.

When getting rid of your unwanted electronics, it’s necessary to factor in monitor recycling too. Find an e-waste recycling service that offers comprehensive e-waste solutions including clear processes for recycling of LCD monitors.

Stack of LCD and Monitor for disposal
Recyling of LCD and Monitor

How Does LCD & Monitor Recycling Work?

It might come off as a surprise but about 98% of an LCD/monitor can be recycled to extract useful material including plastic, copper, and other metals.

The plastic removed from an LCD monitor is used for manufacturing new products while the circuit boards are smelted to extract metals. The wiring in the monitor can also be stripped to extract copper and rubber. All these materials can be recycled instead of sending to waste and polluting the environment.

Moreover, some LCDs and monitors can be refurbished to be used again by extending their lifecycle. Only an expert in electronic recycling can do this through a meticulous process. Trust Hummingbird International to do this for you with EPA-compliant international standards.

Whether you’re looking for computer monitor disposal for residential recycling or commercial recycling, we provide custom solutions to your specific e-waste needs.

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