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Where To Dispose Monitors And LCDs?

The average lifetime of a computer monitor or LCD is around 4 years. It is common for people to discard these LCDs and monitors once they’re not usable or have worn out. These LCDs and monitors end up in landfills where they release toxic chemicals such as lead and phosphorus that pollute the air and endanger the life around them.

This is where the need for proper e-waste recycling comes in. LCD and monitor recycling is the right way to go about disposing of your old and worn-out LCD and monitor.

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Dangers Of Inefficient LCD Disposal

Your LCD or traditional CRT monitors are way more harmful than you think. They contain harmful substances such as lead, phosphorous, and beryllium that can contribute to environmental dangers in society as well as harmful airborne toxins that can harm the ecosystem. When a CRT monitor breaks it can release harmful compounds such as mercury and cadmium that can pose a threat to animals and humans alike. To save the environment from all these pollutants, it is necessary to invest in monitor and LCD disposal and adequate computer disposal, handled by professionals.

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Stack of LCD and Monitor for disposal
Recyling of LCD and Monitor

LCD & Monitor Recycling

It might come off as a surprise but about 98% of an LCD/monitor can be recycled to extract useful material including plastic, copper, and other metals. The plastic removed from an LCD monitor is used for manufacturing new products while the circuit boards are smelted to extract metals. The wiring in the monitor can also be stripped to extract copper and rubber. All these materials can be recycled instead of getting wasted and polluting the environment. Moreover, some LCDs and monitors can be refurbished to be used again by extending their lifecycle. Only an expert in electronic recycling can do this through a meticulous process. Trust our team at Hummingbird International to do this for you, be it commercial waste disposal or residential ewaste disposal.

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We provide an easy and environmentally friendly solution to your monitor and LCD disposal needs. Instead of throwing away your LCD and monitor, leave us a message or call and we will collect your damaged goods to professionally and safely dispose of them.

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