Monitor/LCD Disposal

Have an old monitor or worn out LCD that you want to throw out? Just call us and the Hummingbird International, LLC will get rid of it for you in a safe and environment-friendly manner. We ensure that all monitors and LCD screens are professionally discarded without causing any harm to the environment. We follow the highest International Standards and U.S. laws and regulations concerning electronic recycling and e-waste management.

The conventional CRT monitors and some old technology LCDs contain hazardous contaminants such as lead, phosphorous or beryllium which if not properly discarded, are toxic to the environment and contribute to ecological degradation. CRT Monitors contain many dangerous materials like phosphorous, cadmium and mercury sheathed within the Cathode Ray Tube. When the CRT is broken, all the toxic materials go airborne and cause potential health hazards.

According to the EPA, over 400,000 tons of monitors and LCDs are trashed away each year by individuals and companies. Moreover, the average life of a monitor or LCD is 3-4 years after which they are either discarded and ultimately end in landfills. Some of these also include items that are of reusable condition and can be recycled to save valuable material.

Instead of trashing away your unwanted monitors / LCD and exposing the environment to noxious waste, let us take care of it in a professionally safe and secure way. Monitor recycling is the best way to go about it. All you need to do is call us and we will collect all your e-waste for free. Play your part in preserving the environment from degradation.