Hard Drive Disposal

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Safe And Secure Hard Drive Disposal

Safety in hard drive disposal is often neglected, on account of wasting time and effort. What people don’t realize is that they’re creating a multitude of problems, not just for themselves but also for the environment when they carelessly toss their damaged hard drives out.

These hard drives contain toxic material that can harm the environment when left out in the open. They can be even worse if they are revived and your private information is disposed to strangers. Hackers can access a lot of vital information like credit card information, account information, passwords, and much more. To save yourself from such frauds and scams and the environment from the inevitable damage, it is best to invest in a secure a hard drive disposal and recycling service and proper disposal of IT waste offered by Hummingbird International.

Why Do I Need Hard Drive Recycling?

Hard drive recycling at Hummingbird International consists of a team of professionals who manually dismantles your hard disks so that they can be recycled without exposing any private information. But before they are dismantled, we use a special data wipe out process to make sure complete eradication of your personal information. The hard drives are used for the material that is produced once they have undergone hard drive shredding.

Hard drive recycling by dismantling each component
Secure Erasing Data from Hard Drive

Secure Erasing Data from Hard Drive

Hard drive shredding uses high-end machinery to permanently discard your data from hard drives by shredding the storage device into miniature pieces. Our four-shaft architecture shreds your hard drives in such a manner that there is no possibility of retrieving any data anymore.

Alternatively, hard drives can also be melted to ensure complete and secure erasing of data from your hard drive.

We also ensure that computer disposal is done in such a way that is environmentally friendly and causes zero damage to you and the environment.

Secure Erasing Data from Hard Drive

If your hard drive or storage devices are damaged or are useless to you, do NOT just discard them. Call us to recycle and dispose of your hard drives with our high-tech and professional machinery. We ensure an environmentally safe computer disposal procedure that will never put your data or the environment at risk.

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