Hard Drive Disposal

Improper recycling or disposal of hard drives, tape drives and other storage devices has dual side-effects. Firstly, it poses a threat to the environment since hazardous chemicals are released in the atmosphere. Secondly, hard drives that are not correctly erased before being thrown away can be revived thereby revealing sensitive information. There have been many scams and frauds in developing countries involving discarded corporate hard drives and storage devices. Criminals buy dumped hard drives at near salvage price and then extract credit card information, financial data, account details and transactional records through advanced forensic methods.

At Hummingbird International, LLC, we make sure that all your sensitive data is permanently discarded by shredding your hard drives using hi-tech equipments. Our professionally trained people dismantle hard drives in such a way that recycling can be done without the risk of exposing personal data. Using four-shaft technology, our machinery shreds hard drives down to unrecoverable size and dimensions. With our advanced e-waste management techniques, you can rest assure that your disposed hard drives are destroyed / recycled in an environmentally sound way.

Even when you think your hard drive is dead and beyond repair, don’t just throw it in the trash as it might end up in the wrong hands. Relieve your valuable office and warehouse space of e-waste through our professional and environment-friendly recycling and disposal process. Simply call us and we will have all your electronic waste collected absolutely for free.