About Us

Hummingbird International, LLC offers top-notch services to its clients for the collection, audit, recycling and safe disposal of computers, laptops, monitor/LCD, hard drives, and IT disposal. A decade of good name and reliable business has helped us expand and we are now collecting e-waste in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Washington DC, and Connecticut for free.

Where technology is making life easier, it is also causing harm to the environment because of its secondary scrap usage such as lead, copper, etc. Precious metals like gold are also used which are not only dangerous if discarded improperly, but also scarce and valuable enough to deserve reclamation.

Therefore, Hummingbird International, LLC works not only for the guaranteed destruction of data, but, also for the recovery of valuable materials from commercial as well as residential IT products.

Please Know…

That we are fully committed to the ethical and environmental friendly practices of destroying e-waste. Recycling products like computers and hard drives helps in reducing the pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and the need to extract raw materials from earth.

The preservation of natural resources means a healthier environment. Meaning the Bird will keep humming serenely for as long as we and you care.