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Formed in 2010, Hummingbird International LLC has come a long way in the field of recycling e-waste such as laptops, computers, LCDs, monitors, hard drives and computer peripherals.

Today our customers trust us with their e-waste disposal whether they require residential computer disposal or commercial computer disposal, we offer free ewaste pick up from your doorstep.

We pay you the most

Computer Recycling 

recycle electronic devices 

Ethical And Safe Free E-Waste Disposal

We understand the nature and use of technological devices that contain personal and sensitive information which our customers are hesitant to dispose of in the wrong hands. Data destruction is one of the major concerns for users who wants to recycle laptops and computers. Our professional team knows how to audit and wipe out information before sending your computer or laptop for recycling.

Moreover, our team of professionals dismantle computers and parts so that their toxic components are separated from the recyclable computers. Our computer and laptop recycling process is meticulous and safe for all involved whether you are recycling computers as an individual, office, organization, or school and universities.

Hummingbird International LLC guarantees data destruction and recovery of valuable materials for maximum recycling with the least harm to the environment such as carbon emission, toxic chemicals, and harmful gases.

We pay you the most

Where to go to Recycle Laptops and Computers

We collect e-waste like laptops, computers, LCDs and peripherals from areas of Philadelphia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Washington DC, and Connecticut for FREE.

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We pay you the most

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We pay you the most

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