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From free e-waste pickup to paying cash for your old tech, we’re on a mission to rid American homes of discarded electronics.

Take advantage of our obsession and use our free residential e-waste removal services. Let’s heal the planet together.

Time To Reduce Residential E-Waste

Residential e-waste makes up a sizable chunk of the total waste produced in the U.S.

A lot of this residential e-waste is generated because the tech companies have created a culture of obsolescence where we constantly upgrade our devices. Either because the old ones stop working every couple of years or because tech marketing tells us we must have all the shiny new gadgets.

But every time we do that, it adds to the staggering amount of e-waste in the country. According to global surveys, the US generated nearly 7 million tons of e-waste in 2019 — roughly 46 lbs per person. This is a shocking amount for a single country to be producing, especially when only 9.4% of this e-waste is recycled in the U.S.

To stop this menace from spreading further, it’s time to act now. Partner with Hummingbird International and schedule your free residential e-waste pickup today.

The Human and Environmental Cost of Residential E-Waste

Residential electronic wastes like computers, laptops, monitors, and TVs contain toxic chemicals and substances that are harmful to the environment and humans.

These harmful contaminants include heavy metals, organic pollutants, and several other dangerous chemicals. Lack of proper recycling means these dangerous chemicals can leach out from carelessly dumped electronics, harming the air, water, and soil resources, and human health.

Therefore, careful waste management in residential areas is crucial. It includes taking care of all electronics recycling such as computer disposal, laptop disposal, hard drive disposal, monitor and LCD disposal, and more.

To ensure e-waste recycling is easy for you so you can do it regularly, we have made free e-waste pickup an integral part of our service package. Just call us at 888-392-7839 and find a recycling center near you in NY, NJ, and PA — free of cost.

Laptop for recycling with green screen 

Computer parts and electronic waste ready to recycle 

How Does Residential E-Waste Recycling Help?

Proper and sustainable e-waste recycling heals the environment, human health, and the economy. It adds several tons of valuable materials back into economic circulation and ensures no dangerous toxins are polluting the earth and its resources.

While several ways exist for residential e-waste removal, we rely heavily on EPA-compliant IT waste disposal and recycling of old laptops and computers. Personal computers, which make up a large part of residential e-waste, carry great potential for recycling. As recycled computers, they have a smaller carbon footprint, meaning that they entail less pollution, less water consumption, and less energy consumption.

Recycling monitors and LCD screens also reduce e-waste and consequently, the need for landfills.

You can play your part in efficient residential IT disposal and waste management by recycling all e-waste generated by your household.

Start by scheduling your free residential e-waste pickup from home. Find your nearest recycling center in PA, NJ, and NY by giving us a call at 888-392-7839.

Residential IT Disposal at Hummingbird International

American households contribute a significant amount of e-waste to the country’s total production. Fix this issue at home by adopting conscious consumerism and responsible residential waste management.

Residential IT disposal at Hummingbird International is one of the best in the country. We employ EPA-compliant residential waste disposal practices to make sure all the household e-waste we collect nationwide is properly sorted, segregated, and dismantled.

Hard drives and other storage devices are wiped off of data and shredded to eliminate any cybersecurity risk.

We extract precious and recyclable materials (plastic, metals, copper, etc.) from every discarded electric and electronic product and make them reusable for manufacturing and retail.

The rest of it is processed as scrap and turned into dust particles so when it’s disposed of in landfills, it’s gentle to the soil, easily consumable by the earth, and completely non-toxic.

If this sounds like the way you want to handle your discarded old tech, join us. Benefit from our free residential e-waste pickup services that get all the complexities of the recycling system out of the way. Take part in the healing of Mother Nature with ease and efficiency.

Safe and healthy residential computer recycling 

Schedule Your Residential E-Waste Pickup

We know that the hassle of lugging old electronics to recycling drop-off points can be a significant deterrent for consumers who want to do good by Earth. At Hummingbird International, we take care of it straight away.

Our residential electronics recycling pickup is easy, free, and painless. Just give us a call — 888-392-7839 — and we’ll be there to handle your household e-waste disposal from start to end. Plus, we’ll even pay for your old electronics.

You can find our e-waste recycling services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.

Get your computers and other electronics recycled today to contribute to a healthy, thriving, and sustainable environment!

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