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Time To Reduce Residential E-Waste

Residential e-waste makes up a huge chunk of the total waste produced in the U.S. A lot of this residential waste consists of e-waste that is carelessly tossed out with the advent of newer, updated gadgets. According to a survey, the United States produced 6.92 million tons of e-waste in 2019. This is a staggering amount for a single country to be producing, especially when only 9.4% of this e-waste is recycled in the U.S.

If you’re wondering why the generation and recycling of e-waste is such a big deal, let’s take a look at some of the effects this e-waste has on our environment.

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How Is E-Waste Recycling Detrimental?

Residential electronic wastes like computers, laptops, monitors, and TVs contain toxic chemicals and substances that are quite harmful to the environment as well as humans. These harmful contaminants include heavy metals, organic pollutants, and several other harmful chemicals. When these electronic devices are disposed of without care or recycling, there are chances that the chemicals will pollute the landfills where the electronics are. The toxins also pollute the air and water around, making it dangerous not only for the environment but human health as well.

For this reason, management of residential e-waste, proper home computer disposal, and residential ewaste recycling is very important. Want to save your environment?

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Laptop for recycling with green screen 

Computer parts and electronic waste ready to recycle 

How Does Residential Ewaste Recycling Help?

There are many ways to recycle residential e-waste to ensure it does not harm the environment. One of these ways is EPA compliant IT waste disposal and recycling of old laptops and computers. Personal computers make up a large part of the residential waste. They also carry great potential for recycling. Residential electronic waste recycling is really important not only to save the environment but also to reduce the hefty consumption of resources in making new electronic products. Recycling Monitor/LCD screens is a great way to reduce waste and consequently, the need for landfills as well.

Recycled electronic waste help cut down on pollution, environmental degradation, overconsumption and help preserve our natural resources. It is a very well-known fact that recycled computers have a smaller carbon footprint, meaning that they entail less pollution, less water consumption, and less energy consumption.

You can play your part in residential electronic waste disposal by effectively recycling all electronic waste at home. One great way to do that is through residential computer disposal.

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Residential Computer Disposal At Humming Bird International LLC

Electronic items such as computers should be recycled and properly disposed of even if they are broken or damaged. Throwing them away in the trash will not only endanger the people around you but also the environment.

At Humming Bird International LLC, we dispose of residential computers carefully and effectively to reduce ewaste and pollution. The computers are dismantled to separate all recyclable material (plastic, metals, copper) and once this material is extracted, the rest of the unusable parts are further processed. This processing reduces the parts to tiny bits that can either be discarded without causing harm to the environment or can be further divided to extract material.

In this way, we extract an ample amount of raw material for new electronic devices and ensure that no toxins harm the air or land around. Also, it ensures that computer hard drives disposal is done in a manner that there’s no future threat about the inadequate use of data.

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Safe and healthy residential computer recycling 

So, What Are You Waiting For?

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