Commercial Disposal

Ethical and safe disposal of e-waste

It is estimated by EPA that commercial and institutional places like businesses, hospitals government agencies and schools account for 35-45% of the total waste in US. Moreover, about 74% of all e-waste recycled in the US come from these businesses and commercial organizations. With each business entity relying more and more on computers, it is likely that the e-waste will increase consequently. Most organizations don’t have the capital or resources to effectively dispose off their unwanted electronic items. As a result, they either end up unprocessed in landfills or lay idle in warehouses.

E-waste management is the need of the hour as our world heads towards global warming and climatic change. By not appropriately treating discarded electronic products, businesses and commercial entities expose the environment to toxic fumes emitted from unprocessed dumped e-waste. As part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), it is the duty of every corporate business to play its part in preserving the natural environment.

Hummingbird International, LLC helps the commercial sector in recycling their e-waste in a socially agreeable manner. We provide free collection services in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Connecticut and Washington DC. Just schedule a pick-up call and we will have all your unwanted electronic appliances collected from your company’s warehouse free of charges. We also assist companies in recycling / reutilize their old and outdated computer systems and electronic appliances.

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