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Upgrade your IT infrastructure without guilt or harm to the planet. Contact us today to learn how our commercial waste reduction and recycling supports your business goals.

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What is Commercial E-Waste Disposal?

Commercial e-waste comes from the unusable and discarded electronics by the business and trading sector. These electronics may be damaged or outdated, but either way, they’ve reached the end of their lives. When that happens, these electronics must be disposed of as waste as there’s no realistic scenario where these gigantic IT systems can be hoarded in warehouses, offices, or homes.

With climate change on the rise, commercial waste disposal, in its current form, is not the best idea on the table. It just takes all of this e-waste and either puts it to the torch or dumps it into landfills. Both methods expose the toxins in these devices to the environment, polluting the air, water, and soil, and eventually harming human, plant, and planet life.

But what’s even worse and unfair is that most of the e-waste we generate in the US (the second-largest producer of e-waste in the world, behind China) is sent to developing countries in Africa and Southeast Asia — countries that are ill-equipped to handle the mess that we are dumping at their doors. The mess that they have not even created.

For ethically conscious consumers and businesses who seriously want to practice sustainability, we offer a responsible, ethical, and sustainable commercial waste recycling solution.

Commercial e-waste disposal service for companies

How to Reduce Commercial E-Waste?

Several methods exist to minimize or eliminate your e-waste. However, as a most thorough recycling solution, we introduce Commercial E-Waste Disposal. It includes several subsets of ITAD services such as computer disposal, laptop disposal, hard drive disposal, and monitor and LCD disposal.

Together, these services provide you with a comprehensive commercial IT disposal and recycling system for your business.

Safe e-waste recycling of laptops and mobile phones

How Does IT Disposal and Recycling Work?

IT disposal or electronic waste recycling is a multiphase process of recycling e-waste and unusable electronic devices. It includes the following basic steps:

  • Sorting: E-waste is sorted based on its type and components to separate valuables from scrap and process them appropriately.
  • Dismantling: E-waste is physically disassembled into smaller parts and components to make the next process easy.
  • Extracting: Valuable materials such as precious metals, usable plastic, circuit boards, etc. are extracted from devices for reuse or further processing.
  • Shredding: Anything that cannot be repurposed is crushed into dust for cyber safety plus eco-friendly disposal into landfills and such.

Our commercial e-waste recycling system is thorough and ensures that nothing valuable goes to waste. When any electronic device, whether it is your office TV, computer, laptop, notebook, or DVD player, is disassembled, the most important materials i.e., plastic and metals are removed so they can be used to manufacture new devices. Monitor screens are recycled to manufacture new monitors whereas the computer frame can be a rich source of plastic, curbing plastic pollution.

We at Hummingbird International simplify this process even more for you. We offer free commercial e-waste pickup for all businesses in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Just give us a call and book your free pickup today.

Commercial Computer Disposal That’s Safe for Your Business and the Environment

Cybersecurity is always collateral damage when e-waste recycling is sloppy or improper.

As a passionate environmental venture, we are fully committed to helping create commercial sectors that thrive without worries about cybersecurity breaches or e-waste leakages.

Our commercial computer disposal services include obliteration of all your data on your computers to protect you and your company from any cybersecurity concerns. We use professional expertise to handle your commercial IT disposal from data wipe out to dismantling computer parts, to ensure that not an inch goes to harming the environment or your company’s cyberspace.

Commercial computer disposal with utmost care

Do Your Part!

If complicated e-waste recycling procedures are the only thing holding you back, join hands with Hummingbird International and enjoy convenient commercial e-waste recycling. We offer free commercial garbage pickup for Philadelphia, NYC, and other business hubs. For a closer look at our ITAD services in New York and electronics recycling in New Jersey, here are some helpful pages to visit.

To benefit from the most seamless commercial IT disposal near you, just give us a call and schedule e-waste pickup for a time that works for you.

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