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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Route Of The Common Gadget

Infographics | Jan 22 2016

Replacing your old phone with the latest model feels great. But have you ever wondered what will happen to your old gadget once you discard it? It becomes e-waste. Sadly, ...

[INFOGRAPHIC] E-Waste: The World In Jeopardy

Infographics | Jul 7 2015

The Industrial Revolution originated in the late 18th century, pushing the world towards mass production. Vehicles, ships, and several types of machinery were made in a few ...

[INFOGRAPHIC] Recycling Benefits

Infographics | Apr 8 2015

You must have noticed a common symbol on trash cans, dump trucks and garbage bags. Yes, that’s what I am talking about, the recycling symbol.  We learn the ...

[INFOGRAPHIC] Waste Prevention Is Better Than Waste Generation

Infographics | Jan 27 2015

Featured Image: freepik/photoroyalty The best possible way to deal with waste, both, environmentally and economically, is to avoid creating waste in the first place. Those people and businesses that ...

[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Coolest Gadgets to Buy This X-Mas

Infographics Trending/Events | Dec 16 2014

Holiday season is fast approaching. It is that time of the year when Fanbois and geeks turn high on getting their hands on the latest gadgets. It is, ...

[INFOGRAPHIC] DIY eWaste Project Ideas

Infographics | Nov 18 2014

With the day to day increase in the usage of different electronic devices, the tendency of e-waste is more likely to increase. E-waste is a global problem for ...

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