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24 Powerful Quotes by Greta Thunberg That Inspire Climate Activism

Trending/Events | Feb 1 2024

The climate is a long-term weather that impacts the atmospheric conditions of our world. Since the beginning of time, the climate has had its fair share of variations, causing extreme ...

Climate Change: The Real Reason Behind the Dinosaurs’ Extinction?

Trending/Events | Apr 17 2023

Dinosaurs have been the subject of our fascination since before we even knew what they were. When the first dinosaur fossil was discovered in 1677, it was so alien ...

Saving The Planet, One Joke At A Time: 30 Climate Action Posters We Love

Trending/Events | Mar 15 2023

The start of March announces the biggest event in the climate activism calendar. Environmental advocates from around the world gather up and hold climate action rallies worldwide. Thousands take up ...

10 Spooky Facts About Halloween Waste And 5 Ways To Reduce It

Trending/Events | Oct 21 2022

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays around the western world. It's a night of glorious costumes, gorge-worthy candy, and spooky decorations. But have you wondered where all the ...

How To Reduce Trash In Landfills – Earth Day

Trending/Events | Apr 5 2016

The world will be celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd. During this day, several environmental activists and eco proponents will exhibit their support for environmental protection. Some ...

5 Green Ways to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

Trending/Events | Mar 16 2016

If Saint Patrick was here today, he won’t be too happy about how people honor him every year. The Feast of Saint Patrick might be the greenest day of the ...

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