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3 Ways To Look At E-Waste As An Opportunity: Mining, ITAD, And Digital Divide

E-Waste Disposal | Apr 13 2022

The plastic used to be our enemy #1. The way it is choking the oceans, other waterways, and landfills is horrendous and life-threatening. According to World Bank reports, plastic waste ...

E-Waste: 6 Ways Tech Companies Can Solve The Problem They Created

E-Waste Disposal | Mar 4 2022

The amount of toxic e-waste that the world produces every day should anger you. Annually, we produce an average of 7 kilograms of e-waste per capita. The wealthier you are, ...

E-Waste Is Toxic For Environment As Well As For Cyber Security

Computer Recycling Process | Feb 11 2022

E-waste is a growing problem of epic proportions. In 2021, we threw an outrageous amount of 57.4 million metric tons of old electric and electronic devices into landfills. This irresponsible ...

[INFOGRAPHIC]: 10 Most Alarming Recycling Statistics In 2022

Infographics | Dec 30 2021

There is something about a year-end review that puts everything in perspective. You get to see the highlights of the past 12 months with a razor-sharp focus and it gives ...

Stunning Crafts Created With Recycled Electronic Waste

E-Waste Disposal | Nov 1 2021

Holidays are just around the corner, and electronic items are one of the major categories of holiday gifts. According to retail estimates, electronics and accessories are one of the top ...

What Does E-Waste Have To Do With Tokyo Olympics?

E-Waste Disposal | Aug 10 2021

As the world’s best athletes won their gold, silver, and bronze at the Tokyo Olympics this year, it was a small victory for the environment, too. The Olympic and Paralympics ...

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