5 Green Ways to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

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Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day

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If Saint Patrick was here today, he won’t be too happy about how people honor him every year. The Feast of Saint Patrick might be the greenest day of the year, but the way most people celebrate is anything but green.

People tend to waste a lot during the holiday season. It is estimated that household waste increases by more than 25% between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. This stat shouldn’t come as a surprise. People tend to party hard during this time. And where there is a party, there is waste.

Here is why –

  • The parades are fun but they leave a mess behind
  • People use plastic or paper cups in parties but don’t dispose of them properly
  • Party decorations are thrown in the trash instead of being recycled

What can you do to celebrate Father Ireland while keeping Mother Nature happy? Make your Saint Paddy’s Day celebrations eco-friendly.

Previously, we discussed how you can reduce, reuse and recycle plastic. This week, we will discuss how you can reduce waste while celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day –

1. Skip The Decorations

Skip The Decorations
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Don’t buy decorations for your home for this day. You are going to be spending most of Saint Paddy’s Day out in a parade or with friends anyway. The green hat and green feather boa you used last March can be used this year as well if they are in good condition.

2. Recycle Cans And Beer Bottles

Recycle Cans And Beer Bottles
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It is customary to drink Irish liquors on Saint Patrick’s Day. You are going to have a lot of empty bottles on your hands once the festivities are over. Instead of throwing them away, reuse or recycle them.

3. Eco Friendly Games

Eco Friendly Games
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Games require props. And people usually trash props when the fun is over and this leads to waste. But don’t worry. You can still have fun on Saint Patrick’s Day minus the waste. How? Entertain the family with games that don’t require any props. Guessing games are a good example. Since this is a day that celebrates everything Irish, you can make everyone guess the meaning of Irish words.

4. Skip Paper Invites

Skip Paper Invites
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People usually send paper invites to invite friends or families to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. What happens to these invites once they have served their purpose? They are trashed. Keep paper waste to a minimum by emailing your invites instead.

5. Don’t Litter At Parades

Dont Litter At Parades
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People look forward to St. Patrick’s Day parades. Unfortunately, they also tend to litter in them. You can’t stop the parade crowd from littering. However, you can stop yourself from following suit. Make sure that you throw empty beer cups or cans in trash receptacles.

good luck
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Saint Patrick’s Day should be fun for everyone. However, that doesn’t mean that Mother Nature should take the brunt of the festivities. These tips should help you celebrate Saint Paddy’s Day waste free.

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