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Turn E-Waste Eco Friendly – Upcycle And Reuse

E-Waste Disposal | Feb 17 2016

Can an ex Smartphone kill you? It can especially if you live in Guiyu where your old phone will probably be left to rot in a landfill next ...

Is E-Waste Not Actually Waste? – 3 Reasons Why

E-Waste Disposal | Feb 10 2016

Did you know that a large number of what is considered as electronic waste is not waste at all. E-waste can be reused if it is recycled. Discarded electronics are ...

Can An Ex Smartphone Kill You?

E-Waste Disposal | Jan 26 2016

What do you do once your smartphone loses its luster? If you are like most consumers, you probably buy a new model and discard the old one in the trash. ...

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Route Of The Common Gadget

Infographics | Jan 22 2016

Replacing your old phone with the latest model feels great. But have you ever wondered what will happen to your old gadget once you discard it? It becomes e-waste. Sadly, ...

Raising Awareness About E-Waste – What To Do

E-Waste Disposal | Jan 12 2016

WEEE or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment are growing at an alarming rate. As a result, global e-waste dumping has also become a cause for concern. Why? EEEs are made ...

Global E-Waste Dumping – A Worrying Trend

E-Waste Disposal | Jan 7 2016

E-waste is a concerning issue in almost every part of the globe. It is also growing at an exponential rate due to the introduction of low priced electrical devices. How ...

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