Raising Awareness About E-Waste – What To Do

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WEEE or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment are growing at an alarming rate. As a result, global e-waste dumping has also become a cause for concern. Why? EEEs are made from several components most of which are hazardous especially if they are not disposed of safely; and most of them are not. Improper recycling and disposal processes do little to curb the problem and instead, worsen conditions on a global scale. The environmental impact of careless disposal plays havoc in the environment in countries like India where the issue is most apparent.

This begs the question; how can consumers do their part and make electronic waste management more efficient? Making people aware about it is a good start. In cases such as these, it is also important to remember that raising awareness about the issue starts at home. Here is what you can do –

1. Help People Make Their Electronics Last Longer

Some services have gone the extra mile to help eco conscious users the means to use their devices more efficiently and hence keep e-waste at a minimum. Apps like the ‘Green Deposit’ tracker give such users added incentives to use purchased products more efficiently. Not only will this help you reduce e-waste it might make other people you know follow suit. And in this day and age, nothing makes people take notice of such issues better than technology itself.

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2. Raise Awareness About Other Efforts

The issue of e-waste itself tends to overwhelm most people due the enormity of the problem. However, most consumers do not realize that e-waste management is possible. Some organizations make it their mission. For example, Earth Day Network urges people to drop off their electronic waste and deposit them at e-waste recycling facilities where they will be recycled safely.

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3. Flyers And Posters

Your community may have drop off points where residents can drop discarded electronic items. However, not everyone knows about such resources. Create flyers to give such communities a helping hand. You can sustain your own eco efforts by printing the flyers on recyclable paper.

Flyers and Posters
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4. Start Your Own Campaign

Developing an e-waste awareness campaign is good. Getting people to notice it is even better. Use your resources the smart way to get word out about it. Eco is trending so word might get out about your campaign faster. NGOs like the Advit Foundation in Gurgaon, a city in the Indian city of Haryana show campaigns about e-waste recycling are not only plausible, they are possible as well.

Start your own Campaign
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The more consumers know about e-waste the better. Product lifecycles shorten rapidly due to the demand for electronic items. While consumers such as yourself cannot control how other people dispose of barely used electronics you can raise awareness about the issue and give people the chance to make more informed decisions about e-waste disposal.

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