10 Small Business Ideas For Waste Management Overhaul

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Waste Management

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A whole good lot of waste is generated in almost every corner of the earth on a daily basis – from domestic waste to medical waste and all the way to industrial waste. Even if we bury it all, it will take ages to decompose and will only lead towards environmental degradation and global warming. That’s why the world needs the waste management industry.

While many people wouldn’t indulge in the waste management business because of the filth factor, there are actually many opportunities within this industry for those with the right small business ideas. Keeping in mind the 2016 waste management trends, here are ten ideas you can try or be inspired by.

1. Gathering Residential Garbage

Every household deals with a varied amount of wastage daily, which is why gathering residential garbage could be a plausible business idea. You would need a waste disposal truck and an agreement with the waste disposal center where you’ll dump the garbage. You should also go around the neighborhood informing people about the new garbage collection business or you can use a digital marketing agency to get the word out. You’ll be surprised by the support given to your business.

Gathering Residential Garbage
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2. Collecting Industrial Waste

Another beneficial business in the waste management business industry, the nature of business involves gathering waste from factories and dumping or disposing it on their behalf. You can sign as many factories as possible or work on contract basis with single factory at a time.

Collecting Industrial Waste
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3. Recycling Plant

Running a recycling plant will require a place where garbage collectors can gather and sell the recyclable materials that they’ve gathered in bulk. These items can also be resold to companies in need of recycled items.

Recycling Plant
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4. Plastic Bottles & Can Recycling

Plastic bottles are a major nuisance to the environment. They’re also an eyesore, especially if people litter the streets with them rather than throw them in trash cans. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the fact that these plastic bottles can be recycled and reused. And that’s a good business idea right there. You can go around and collect all the plastic bottles and cans you see and sell them to manufacturers in bulk.

Plastic Bottles and Can Recycling
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5. Recycling Used Oil

The oil used for preparing food items can be reused in cars. Yep, that’s right! With that little secret in mind, here’s a great opportunity: you can buy used oil from food factories and even restaurants and then sell it for bio-fuel.

Recycling Used Oil
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6. Recycling Paper

Paper is yet another resource that makes up a majority of today’s waste. The good news is that paper can be reused and recycled into more useful items like tissue paper. All you need to do is collect the paper lying around your neighborhood and start off your very own tissue paper production company. If you don’t have sufficient funds for this idea, simply sell the paper you collected to tissue paper manufacturers.

Recycling Paper
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7. E-Waste Recycling

The most common type of waste these days is electronic waste. Electronic waste is recycled when electronics like televisions, radios, tape recorders, cell phones and computers get obsolete. The best way to profit from e-waste is to resell it to manufacturers for refurbishing or spare parts dealers. These two will definitely reuse what you provide them in a beneficial way.

E-Waste Recycling
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8. Used Clothes Recycling

Used clothes can be resold to companies that make items like door mats, cushions, and mattresses. The more colorful the clothes you find and the better their quality, the more you can expect to earn from selling them.

Used Clothes Recycling
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9. Medical Waste Recycling

Medical institutions like hospitals and clinics are always in dire need of a waste disposal squad. People need serious help to dispose needles, syringes, blood, etc. in a safe way. The business of disposing such things sounds downright gross, but you can comfort yourself knowing that you can make pretty good money out of this business.

Medical Waste Recycling
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10. Equipment Sales

If you still feel that you’ll be grossed out by all the aforementioned small business ideas, perhaps you should give this one a shot. You can try your hand at leasing and selling equipment to the waste management industry.

How about you contact people who either closed down their businesses or thinking about it in the near future. Chances are they might be worried about what to do with the residual equipment – a waste for them now. You can purchase these at low cost and sell them for profit.

Let me explain.

Let’s say someone you know was running a drone photography business that he closed down due to any reason. Simply sell drone equipment to someone in need. A clear profit path.

Leasing can be another option as it can ensure higher ROI. Whichever you do choose, though, make sure that your business is flexible and capable of adapting to changes in technology. That way, you can stay on top at all times.

Equipment Sales
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Let us know if you have any small business ideas for waste management industry.

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