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E-waste Dumping: A Menace in the Developing Nations

E-Waste Disposal | Mar 11 2014

Featured Image: Due to rapid progression in technology, a vast variety of products and new versions of existing items are being launched continuously in the market. This advancement is increasing ...

10 Interesting E-waste Facts That You Might Not Know

E-Waste Disposal | Feb 27 2014

Featured Image: In this tech-age, where the technology advancement is relentless, we have bounded ourselves to technology to an extent where the idea of living without it seems implausible. No ...

Did you know E-Waste Disposal is a Crime in Pennsylvania?

E-Waste Disposal | Jan 6 2014

Featured Image: “Hands up! You are under arrest…for e-litter.” This might happen to you if you are living in Pennsylvania. That’s right. So if you are planning on throwing away your ...

Sarbanes–Oxley Act (SOX) Favors Hard Drive Recycling

Hard Drive Recycling | Nov 4 2013

Featured Image: Anyone involved in entrepreneurial activities must know about the Sarbanes and Oxley Act of 2002 in the USA. Named after Senator Paul Sarbanes and Representative Michael Oxley, the Sarbanes-Oxley ...

Laptop Recycling for Beginners!

IT Disposal | Oct 25 2013

Featured Image: They say old is gold. Well, there isn’t much to argue about because even a tech geek can extract a lot of valuable stuff out of his old, ...

Top Most Benefits of LCD Monitor Recycling

IT Disposal | Oct 10 2013

Featured Image: One of the best environmental friendly practices is the proper – and I mean ‘proper’ – recycling of old monitors and LCD screens which need an upgrade or ...

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