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Valentine’s is meant to be different; it is meant to reflect an out-of-the-way effort to cherish the existence of that special someone in your life. It is all about seeking new ideas to express those moments that give you all those butterflies! While on this festive occasion you try on something new for the ‘apple’ of your eye, it is a time of the year when a little consciousness towards the environment will result in an even better approach. It is important to note that waste prevention is better than waste generation. While expressing your heart out to the loved one you adore; let us, for a moment, vow not to cause any damage to our surroundings as well. For it is this environment that we have to live in, to enjoy many more valentine’s to come!

Recycled gifts, home-made gifts and gifts made out of used goods at home had never been this easy and convenient, yet far-reaching. These gifts can often result in a deeply personal surprise for the special someone, something that naturally does not come with a big price tag but is surely ‘priceless’. So, the next time you think you cannot do any good with an old newspaper, a used sweater, a furry hat, or an envelope, you better think again or simply refer to these amazing ideas we have compiled for you:

• Glittery valentine garland

With little bit of attention you can become creative. Don’t let your house look barren; decorate it to show your affection for your dearest. A home-made Valentine’s Day garland can be perfect to enhance the beauty of your room. Cut out hearts from a stack of old magazines, try to get the ones in red and pink colors to go with the love theme. Sew them together and there you go! I am sure your beloved will be overwhelmed.

• The notebook

If you are planning to amaze your dear one with something awesome, why not go green! A love notebook created from an old red shirt, some papers and tissues can be a cute idea. Design the book cover with used shirt and add end papers made out of decorated tissue paper with tiny hearts. This can be perfect to cherish lovely memories that you two share. Isn’t it cool, a practical gift made out of environmental friendly materials?

• Love magnet attraction:

Let’s boost your creative self-esteem, with a unique gift for the one who is everything to you. Using some bottle caps, gems, matching beads and bottles of glitter you can design your own love magnet. Keep some recycled bottle caps from the beverages of your choice and give them a coat of spray pain of red or pink. Paste some beads and glitter on it, cut out hearts from cardstock and place them on the bottle cap. Apply a magnet using diamond glaze at the back of your bottle cap; decorate your room with these lovely embellishments.

• Fanciful Photo-frame:

Are you planning to throw away your old clothes? Make sure to strip all the old shirts of its buttons before you get rid of them! These buttons can be wonderful materials to be used for your valentine button photo-frame. Cut out a heart from cardboard to create your frame, paste all the buttons on the frame and let it dry! Decorate it with a red ribbon bow to make sure it goes with the Day’s theme.

With these ideas, you are sure to spice up your romantic journey while giving ‘more’ by giving less’. It would be a day of genuine joy and merriment when you can think of your contribution to environment-friendliness while being ‘more than friends’ to your beloved on this Valentine’s. As Sara Parks Ricker said: “Small steps … but in the right direction”

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