[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Coolest Gadgets to Buy This X-Mas

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Holiday season is fast approaching. It is that time of the year when Fanbois and geeks turn high on getting their hands on the latest gadgets. It is, nowadays, rare to be surprised by the latest innovations that the tech industry keeps throwing at us. Therefore, if you want to seriously surprise all those tech-crazy fans this Christmas, then you’ve got to check out these cool gadgets that will surely drop their jaws!

Check out the five items that will make you wonder if they even exist!

1. LAPKA Food Sensors: $79

These sensors cost $279 for the whole suite and $79 for just the organic sensor.

This will help you find out if you are really eating organic food. The LAPKA food sensors can be connected to your smartphones and work along with a corresponding application that will tell you how honest those food producers are with you in terms of providing you organic food.

2. Flic’s Wireless Smart Button: $99

Flic wireless buttons allow you to perform all those common tasks that you do with your smartphone. They help you provide convenience to perform your routine actions from your smartphone. For instance, you may take a picture, set alarms, or call a cab through its application.

3. The Laser Virtual Keyboard: $99.99

This cool laser keyboard device is for everyone as they can easily take it anywhere. You can type on this keyboard along with its sound feedback as it has built in display screen showing the key presses in real time for faster typing. It is exactly the same as any other QWERT keyboard but only with a size no larger than a matchbook.

4. The Credit Card Light Bulb: $3.99

These cute little light bulbs can slide into your wallets easily and safely. No need to carry emergency lights now as you can always pop the flat light bulbs out of your pockets and illuminate the space. Bizarre yet amazing!

5. Om One’s Levitating Speaker: $199

The only amazing thing about these Bluetooth speakers is that they levitate. Now, this specialty makes this gadget super awesome!

So what are you waiting for? Get the coolest gadgets this holiday season, give them to your loved ones as presents, and spread lots of Christmas cheer!

5 Coolest Gadgets To Buy This X

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