[INFOGRAPHIC] The Environmental Impact Of Gadgets Used By Students

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Environmental Impact

In this modern era of technology, gadgets like tablets and smart phones have become a need for every person, especially, students. It has become a basic need for their academic career. They believe that instead of making notes manually, they can do the job much better online via their devices. Regardless of the increase in usage of such gadgets, the major concern should be about how we can keep the technologies sustainable in fighting against all that electronic waste.

This infographic explains us the impact of recycling these digital devices, notebooks and tablets instead of just throwing them away. It is observed that in the United States, students are encouraged to use digital gadgets and the school staff is also convinced to use them along with the students. According to the statistics, if the students use and change the devices every 3 years, each student will use 4.3 devices in their 13 years academic career tenure. That makes 237.5 devices in totality, out of which 16.7 million gadgets being used by the teachers.

Students must take an initiative and recycle. Even by recycling one gadget out of all that they buy in their entire lifetime; they can make a huge impact of worth $331m. Almost 60% of the schools, who use electronic devices for the learning purpose, don’t have any afterlife plans for these gadgets. This issue must be addressed and acknowledged by the users and authorities alike.

If some of the electronic gadgets can’t be refurbished, then many parts can be recycled such as plastic, glass, or other elements used in their manufacturing.  At least, in this way, we can make a difference by keeping our environment clean from all the destructive effects of the electronic devices.

Environmental Impact

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