The Most Anticipated Recycling Trends In The Near Future!


The past decade has been quite riveting for the eco-movement. It has been an era accentuating ecofriendly urban housing, and cardboard recycling. We are continuing to see a similar course today with new sustainable development projects and recycling measures. To have a better insight into where we are headed in the future; we have rounded up a few anticipated trends which you shouldn’t brush aside in the near future. • Farewell Plastic! Plastic is expected to take a back seat, ...

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The Actual Cost Of Recycling In The USA


It’s no secret that the Economy is going downhill, fast. The post-recession age has left nearly everyone reeling and the recycling industry is no exception. People are saving money by not purchasing items they may consider frivolous, and business’ revenues are dramatically plummeting, and, in turn, workers are getting laid off. And so the cycle continues. But where did it all begin? And what is the real cost? Early Days Let’s take a short walk 19 years back to 1996. ...

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How Difficult Is It To Go Absolutely Paperless?


Remember how you made that New Year resolution to go paperless?  Yeah, me neither. The term “paperless” has been going around the internet for a while now. Despite the many benefits of recycling, the paperless brigade hasn’t quite kicked off in a spectacular fashion. It is possible to go truly paperless and digitize nearly every last scrap of paper, and it's a lot easier than you might think, as long as you approach it in the right way.  These ...

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How The Recycling Industry Has Created A Mess For Itself


Economists saw it coming quite some time ago but nobody believed them. It’s finally happened. The recycling industry is on the brink of shutting down and not even the Pope’s radical environmentalism can save it. Having said that, it’s important to remember that nothing happens immediately. It will be a slow, painstaking process, hindered by overly optimistic companies and activists, but it will happen. According to Dave Steiner, the CEO of Waste Management, America's largest recycling company, the ...

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