Its 2015: Which States Have E-Waste Legislation?


A wise man was once asked, what will be humanity’s downfall? He replied: Humanity. In the fast paced world that we live in, technology becomes obsolete faster than the changing weather. As technology continues to blossom, so does our buildup of old and outdated electronic devices. Phones, computers, tablets, televisions, etc. Something has to be done with them, and we continue to move forward as more states pass E-Waste laws. In the past 12 years, a total of 28 states and ...

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What Services Are Offered By A Good E-waste Recycler?


E-waste is the Toxic Legacy of Our Age. Ewaste has been a burgeoning problem for years now, but recent statistics indicate that the problem has gotten out of control. One of the main factors contributing to this problem is the lack or shortage of Ewaste recyclers. Simply put, there just aren’t enough eWaste recyclers at the moment. The EPA estimates that there are about 2500 registered recyclers in the United States of America. These recyclers deal with nearly one million tons ...

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The Actual Cost Of Recycling In The USA


It’s no secret that the Economy is going downhill, fast. The post-recession age has left nearly everyone reeling and the recycling industry is no exception. People are saving money by not purchasing items they may consider frivolous, and business’ revenues are dramatically plummeting, and, in turn, workers are getting laid off. And so the cycle continues. But where did it all begin? And what is the real cost? Early Days Let’s take a short walk 19 years back to 1996. ...

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