How Ewaste Recycling Is Creating A Lot Of Jobs


Ewaste recycling critics have long maintained that e waste recycling is a waste of time, money and effort. That the government should focus its attention towards more pressing issues.The E-waste numbers are increasing rapidly and this new study and legislation has given them something to think about. Recycling e-waste creates jobs for professional recyclers and refurbishers and creates new markets for the valuable components that are dismantled. How it works 1. While talking about ewaste recycling it’s important to remember that ...

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Pope Francis’s Radical Environmentalism


As a former teacher, Pope Francis knows how to deliver a stern lecture. On Thursday, he gave one that will not soon be forgotten. While slamming a slew of modern trends, the heedless worship of technology, our dependence on fossil fuels and compulsive consumerism, the Pope said humanity's "reckless" behavior has pushed the planet to a perilous "breaking point.” Doomsday predictions," the Pope warned, "can no longer be met with irony or disdain." Citing the scientific consensus that global ...

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Green Gadgets For Father’s Day!


Father’s day is just around the corner and it’s time to show your old man just how much you care for him. If your dad is the tech type then these green gadgets are definitely the things to get him.  They’ll delight him while saving lots of energy and purging the environment from the hazardous effects of eWaste. 1. The UFO Power center The UFO power center gives control of up to four devices through a slick, graphical interface for iPhone or ...

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Pros And Cons Of Recycling Computers


We are all now living in a world of enhanced awareness of energy conservation and preserving the environment, therefore it is hardly surprising that going green is rapidly becoming the newest catch phrase in today's society. It is now commonplace the try and recycle just about everything we use, from aluminum cans to motor parts.  Recycling computers, however, hasn’t quite got enough attention. This is mainly due to the fact that most people are unaware of the various benefits ...

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A Guide On Recycling Of Computers


Remember how good it felt the last time you heaved your clunky, outdated computer and monitor out to the curb and went back inside to turn on your sleek, new one? Well as it turns out, that quick trip to the trash wasn't the best idea you ever had. A growing number of organizations are working to educate the public on what happens to their discarded, old computers and why they may want to take more precautions when disposing them. What many ...

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