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As the year 2015 comes to a close its time to take a more responsible approach; by gearing your New Year Resolutions towards managing e-waste. However, the prospect can seem insurmountable if you have piles of old cords, devices, gizmos and gadgets to get rid of. Fortunately, e-waste becomes easier to manage once you know how. Here are some ideas that will help you take a conscious approach towards the ordeal and keep your waste in check as well –

Resolution #1 – A Little Organization Goes A Long Way

How can you know what you own if you can’t find it when you need to? Resolve to organize your electronic clutter for 2016. Better yet, start early. Because the last thing you want is to buy something you think you need only to find a perfectly functioning piece of duplicate equipment under the mess.

Little Organization

Resolution #2 – Sell Them Back

If you buy a new device like a Smartphone or camera, ask the storeowner whether he is willing to buy back such items once you have used them. Some stores offer buy back options. By resolving to sell your electronic devices, you do Mother Nature a favor and make some money at the same time.

Sell them Back

Resolution #3 – Dispose Of Household Batteries Safely

Alkaline batteries can safely be disposed of in the trash or may be given away at drop off points or battery recycling centers in certain communities. However, in some cities such as California, it is illegal to dispose of these items yourself. Find out what local laws say about the disposal of hazardous waste in your area. Of course, you may also take the more responsible route and recycle old batteries instead.

Batteries Safely

Resolution #4 – Give Away And Old Laptop

If your old system is still in usable condition, it is best that you give it away to someone who needs it rather than throw it away. Some organizations offer to take old laptops off your hands and fix them up. If you still insist on ridding yourself of the device you can always try to sell it online. Don’t forget to wipe the memory before handing it over to someone else.

Old Laptop

Resolution #5 – Give Away Large Equipment The Responsible Way

Most of the country’s electronic waste is sent off to developing countries where it is processed under extremely unsafe conditions. Large equipment such as printers and televisions make up a sizeable portion of it. If you want to replace an old TV, give the old one away to companies that specialize in recycling such hardware. Recycling organizations usually offer to take old electronic hardware like televisions, printers or computers off your hands.

Large Equipment

Resolution #6 – Recycle Rechargeable Batteries

Some states have made it illegal for residents to dispose of rechargeable batteries. This is because they contain heavy metals that may be hazardous to the environment. However, those same heavy elements also make it possible for you to recharge them. Recharge your batteries for use for the New Year.

Rechargeable Batteries

As technological innovations continue to evolve at an astounding rate, so does electronic waste. It is a problem that is complex in its entirety but still deserves our attention. Therefore, before you lose yourself in a new phone, television, computer system or the latest digital device spare a few minutes to think about how you can dispose of them responsibly when you need to. Make it your New Year’s resolution for 2016. It all starts with a single step.

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