Work Towards a Cleaner America This Independence Day!

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Independence Day is just round the corner and you wouldn’t want to disappoint your country, our beloved United States of America, with different types of pollution all around it. Ensure a cleaner and healthier country especially on its day of Independence because it came into being after all the immense hard work. It is a federal holiday and the best time to spread awareness about how to get rid of electronic waste in an effective and proper way so that we all can end up living in a healthy place.

Get united this July 4 and make sure that people are aware of the proper recycling of all the electronic equipment after it has been used. They can reuse the electronics by recycling or give them away to someone who can utilize in a better way with minimum harm expected.

We live in an electronic world where we are all surrounded by different types of electronic items, devices and gadgets. No matter what the size of the equipment is,itcarries equal amount of hazardous effects. The extreme usage of electronics is giving birth to the pile of electronic junk or electronic waste (e-waste) which is growing rapidly in today’s modern world. These items are not only hazardous to the environment but to the human health too.

It is the responsibility of every loyal American that he or she must join hands for this cause and spread the word so that they can celebrate America’s Independence Day with a satisfied feeling within themselves. This will certainly make a positive impact on the well-being of the country.

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Electronic devices like televisions, cell phones and computers consist of heavy metals which are severely harmful to both the environment and the mankind. The older the equipment, the more dangerous it becomes for the environment because once the hazardous materials are released and are exposed to the environment, they cause adverse effects and become a threat to the human health.

Many electronics can either be repaired or some of their part can be reused in any other component which can also reduce the demand of raw materials and cost. There are certain facts that everyindividual needs to know about electronic waste.

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According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), electronic waste is still the rapidly growing municipal waste stream in the USA. There are many equipments being labeled or marked as e-waste which in reality are not because many components out of themcan be recycled and reused.

One of the most common gadgets being used all over America and the rest of the world is the cell phones or the smart phones. Cell phones contain high amount of metals like gold and silver and sadly $60m worth of those metals are dumped in America.The rate of electronic wasteis pretty high and out of that only 12.5% of it is recycled which is apparently a very low figure.

Keeping all these factors in mind we need to make sure that we celebrate this July 4 with the passion of living in a healthier country along with the never ending love for the nation.

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