6 Best Resolutions Every Electronic Junkie Must Make For The Earth Day!

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The Earth Day is celebrated around the world on April 22 as a way to make the world aware of the current environmental issues and its negative effects on human health. Environmentalists, social commentators and opinion makers take this as an opportunity to address those health hazards regarding the e-waste.

Earth Day And Holy Week

This April, ‘Earth Day’ will come after the Holy Week. Incidentally, Holy Week happens to be the season when most people throw away their old gadgets and replace them with new ones. As shopkeepers cut down on prices on electronic items for the whole Holy week, more and more electronic lovers break into marketplaces to buy their favorite gadgets.

However, this is also going to be the season when most of the e-recycling will occur. Therefore, the Earth Day gives you good reasons to become more sensible with your treatment of the e-waste.

Why We Should Care About the E-Waste Management?

According to a report conducted in Guy, China, the largest dump place for e-waste, 82% of children are found with blood/lead level of above 100 which is beyond the safety level of human health. This is enough to prove the poisonous effects of e-waste. Being a stake holder in environmental safety, you must know the process of disposing and recycling our e-waste in a proper manner. As an inhabitant of this beautiful planet, you should make every effort to preserve its beauty for the future. So let’s live healthy and make these resolutions on this Earth Day:

1. I Will Never Dispose Of The E-Waste Without Following The S.O.P

Make a commitment to throw away your e-waste using the standard operating procedure (SOP). From today, you will wrap all your electronic junk in a double bag or proper packaging before exposing them to environment.

2. I Will Abide By The Laws Of Local Waste Management Body

On this Earth Day, you should take the oath to follow all the rules imposed by your state and local functionaries for e-waste management. Once you take the oath, you must do the following things:

  • Read and understand all the laws of your local waste management system
  • Get an official manual to understand the standard procedure of disposing of hazardous e-waste
  • Take contact details of your area e-waste management body

3. I Will Never Throw Away Equipments That Have Poisonous Elements

Do your bit on this Earth Day to minimize the level of toxic elements in the environment. From today, you should make a habit of securing all your e-wastes that contain mercury, lead and cadmium in carton packages or bags before throwing them in the junk.

4. I Will Give Away My Old Electronic Equipments At Least Once In A Year

Earth Day can be a good opportunity to show generosity to people. For example, you can present your old gadgets, like laptop, hard-drive or LCD, to your younger brother who might be craving for them. Similarly, you can donate your electronic items to a trustworthy organization for their logistic needs. Make their day and save your planet.

5. I Will Contribute To The Healthy Recycling Of E-Waste

E-recycling is an intricate task that requires step-by-step processing of old electronic equipments to make them reusable again. From discarding to dismantling, it is a long process that involves series of tasks. However, the consumer is the first actor in this entire system. If the consumer discards e-waste considering the standard methods, then the whole process will follow the right course and the poisonous effects of e-waste will be kept at bay.

Instead of tearing apart your e-waste, you should make a resolution to sell them to a registered dismantling facility where it can be properly shredded and then fixed up for reuse.

6. I Will Maximize The Use Of Cloud Technology

Make a resolution to be more aware of cloud technology. The cloud storage platforms make for the perfect alternatives for the traditional storage devices, like hard drive, flash drive and CDs. In the long run, you will be dramatically reducing your e-waste size and cutting down on its negative effects on the environment.

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