15 Jaw Dropping Facts That Will Make You Get Up And Recycle!

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Jaw Dropping Facts

Recycling is a necessity, not a luxury. If you live under a rock or still haven’t opened up your eyes yet, our dear Earth isn’t doing too well lately and the amount of time the scientists predict we have left is decreasing at an alarming rate. Despite the strides we appear to be making towards eco consciousness as a country, we have a long way to go in helping the Earth, as evidenced by our complicated relationship with recycling. If we are to save our coming generations from the deadly wrath of nature, we need to start acting, now! These staggering facts about recycling will make your head spin and make you think twice before you throw something away.

As these statistics indicate, the problem is even graver than anticipated. Deforestation has become a burning issue, pun intended. Recent studies indicate that nearly thirty thousand trees are cut down each day to make… toilet paper. Some experts say that the real issue is not Deforestation but Reforestation. It’s a simple enough statement, you cut a tree down…plant another one in its place. Sounds easy right? But what these studies don’t indicate is what happens when a tree is cut down. Other than being a carbon sink and providing Oxygen, trees are an important part of any habitat. With Animals and Microorganisms utilizing everything from the roots to the bark. When a tree is felled it destroys an entire ecosystem. This will ultimately lead to the extinction of many species of animals.

Furthermore, the recycling of plastic bottles and aluminum cans also needs to increase significantly if we are to stand a chance against Mother Nature. Although this is one of the most common and talked about type of recycling, the numbers tell a very sorry tale indeed. According to the statistics, each year we throw out enough soda cans and plastic bottles to reach the moon and back a whopping TWENTY times. The effect this plastic has on marine life is sickeningly outrageous. THOUSANDS of marine creatures die daily by mistakenly swallowing plastic bags…. something to muse about when causally tossing the empty Wal-Mart bag into the ocean.

Basically, in a nutshell, the need for recycling is increasing exponentially. This is no longer something for the activists and social workers to worry about. This is a real issue, a huge issue and the consequences of not addressing this issue immediately can be catastrophic. So if you want a safe place for you and your kids to live in, get up and recycle!

15 Jaw-Dropping Facts That Will Make You Want To Get Up And Recyle from Hummingbird International

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