[VIDEO] How Electronics Are Recycled?

Recycle Electronic Waste Safely

Did you know that the gold component in your old cell phone can be used to create jewelry? Electronic waste contains many recoverable and valuable materials such as copper, silver, plastics, aluminum and ferrous materials. All of these items can be put to good use if they are harvested properly. Unfortunately, most of these components are wasted in unregulated recycling processes. Global e-waste dumping is only one of the causes of the wastage. Irresponsible dumping by consumers is another ...

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Can An Ex Smartphone Kill You?


What do you do once your smartphone loses its luster? If you are like most consumers, you probably buy a new model and discard the old one in the trash. But have you ever asked yourself where it ends up after that? Unfortunately, the route of the common gadget is less than glamorous after it is thrown away. Like most ex-smartphones, yours might also be dumped in a massive landfill somewhere in the world. Over 130 million cell phones ...

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Raising Awareness About E-Waste – What To Do


WEEE or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment are growing at an alarming rate. As a result, global e-waste dumping has also become a cause for concern. Why? EEEs are made from several components most of which are hazardous especially if they are not disposed of safely; and most of them are not. Improper recycling and disposal processes do little to curb the problem and instead, worsen conditions on a global scale. The environmental impact of careless disposal plays ...

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Global E-Waste Dumping – A Worrying Trend

Global E-Waste Dumping

E-waste is a concerning issue in almost every part of the globe. It is also growing at an exponential rate due to the introduction of low priced electrical devices. How is electronic waste disposal handled? A post in ‘theguardian’ quotes the United Nation which claims that most electronic waste is dumped in developing countries and often illegally. The waste is often processed manually under extremely toxic conditions. What are the global implications of irresponsible dumping of electronic waste ...

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One Step Greener: Lego Reconsidering its Production Material


The renowned toy company, Lego is committed to go green as it recently expressed its intent to invest a mammoth amount of $150 million in a project to develop new sustainable materials that will be used in its production process. The iconic building blocks by Lego are made up of plastic; realizing the damage that this material cause, the brand now wants to opt for an alternative. The organization also showed its plans to bring forth and promote environment-friendly ...

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