[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Coolest Gadgets to Buy This X-Mas


Holiday season is fast approaching. It is that time of the year when Fanbois and geeks turn high on getting their hands on the latest gadgets. It is, nowadays, rare to be surprised by the latest innovations that the tech industry keeps throwing at us. Therefore, if you want to seriously surprise all those tech-crazy fans this Christmas, then you’ve got to check out these cool gadgets that will surely drop their jaws! Check out the five items that will make ...

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5 Tips to Avoid Electronic Waste Pileup This Christmas


We are living in an electronic age where the wish-list for Christmas presents mainly comprises of shiny gadgets, which will then replace our old electronic items that no longer shine but still function. Now most of the discarded laptops, mobile phones, entertainment devices, television sets, and office electronics will contribute to the future e-waste. These items can be functional or non-functional but one fact remains ubiquitous that all of these devices contain toxic metals like lead, arsenic, mercury ...

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[INFOGRAPHIC] E-waste- The World Drowning in Cables and Devices


The era of modern technology is increasing the amount of e-waste, because the useful lifespan of the electronic devices and gadgets is decreasing. Consumers keep on looking for “the next best thing” and their demands are being fulfilled by the electronic device companies as they are providing them with updated and improved devices and gadgets rapidly. The issue of the heaping electronic waste is of major concern. According to the below mentioned info-graphic, the estimated life span of the ...

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