One Step Greener: Lego Reconsidering its Production Material


The renowned toy company, Lego is committed to go green as it recently expressed its intent to invest a mammoth amount of $150 million in a project to develop new sustainable materials that will be used in its production process. The iconic building blocks by Lego are made up of plastic; realizing the damage that this material cause, the brand now wants to opt for an alternative. The organization also showed its plans to bring forth and promote environment-friendly ...

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COP21 Envisaging Safe Climate For The World

United Nations Conference

Just after ruthless and horrendous act of terrorism in Paris, the city is creating a buzz once again, but this time for all the right reasons. The United Nations Conference on Climate Change that seemed wavering at first is now finally taking place in Paris and world leaders from 150 countries are taking part in it. The conference kicked off on November 30th is Paris and will continue till December 11th. Whether it’s the jeopardy of e-waste that this ...

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Your Guide To An Eco Friendly Black Friday

Black Friday

Shop for great bargains and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time Black Friday is just around the corner and we know what that means. It is time to prepare yourself for one of the best shopping experiences of the year. But wait! How do you shop till you drop and ensure that Mother Nature doesn’t have to deal with your carbon footprint? Here is how – • Buy Products That Have Less Or No Packaging Shoppers have a tendency of ...

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Use These Super Cool Green Gadgets To Save Energy In Your Home!


This is the point in time when technological innovation is helping us saving energy. There are several gadgets in the market which make the energy saving process easier than it was before. From smart light bulbs to solar chargers, being green is now an important part of the home automation craze reaching every home. Some of the cool energy saving options are listed here which would not even cost you a fortune! Smart Bulbs LED light bulbs are by far the best ...

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How E-Waste Recycling Secures National Defense Interests


If someone says that electronic waste recycling can benefit our national defense system, would you be surprised? You must be! But guess what? It definitely can! Electronic recycling goes beyond just the environment and has all the potential to protect the U.S defense system from the grave risks posed by failure-prone counterfeit E-parts. The counterfeit parts have permeated the defense supply chain of U.S, so building up the e-waste recycling program might rein in counterfeit electronic parts. How E-Waste Encourages ...

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