Waste Management Trends For 2016

Waste Management

Apparently, Al-Gore was right in his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.” The earth is in trouble. But global warming is only part of the problem. Trash mismanagement is to blame as well. Global e-waste dumping is only one instance of trash mismanagement, where the US solves its e-waste problem by dumping most of it in other countries. There, the waste is processed by illegal recyclers in ways that are devastating to human health and the environment. If that isn’t ...

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How To Reduce Trash In Landfills – Celebrating Earth Day


The world will be celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd. During this day, several environmental activists and eco proponents will exhibit their support for environmental protection. Some of the most common issues might involve problematic trends that contribute to the earth’s sorry state. One of them is the amount of solid waste that is dumped in landfills. A landfill is structure that is built on top of or into the ground. The main purpose of this structure is to ...

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