Urban Mining: The Unexplored Hero to Combat E-Junk Monster


When e-junk monster terrorizes – Urban Mining might just save the day! Gadget churn and latest gizmos are the e-junk monsters in disguise or at least they are going to be in near future. Honestly, it’s no surprise to see the volume of unwanted electronic waste rise beyond control. To make things worse, consumerism added fuel to the fire. The demand for short-lived IT products and electronic items has surpassed any company’s manufacturing capabilities. It seems the natural resources for ...

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[INFOGRAPHIC] DIY eWaste Project Ideas


With the day to day increase in the usage of different electronic devices, the tendency of e-waste is more likely to increase. E-waste is a global problem for our environment which tends to grow every passing day. It depends on us how we treat that waste? There are numerous ways with which we can make all that electronic waste useful, productive and less harmful for the surroundings. This info-graphic will provide you with some DIY projects that will help you ...

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Is Black Friday Creating More High-Tech Trash?


Shop till you drop! Americans are deluded by the love affair of consumer electronics. And with Black Friday just round the corner, the mass hysteria is going to escalate. This is the time when half of the country suddenly starts to feel that their latest iPhone is now obsolete or the new tablet in the market has the features they were looking for since ages. Well, it’s all a game of perception.   When the buyers filled with excitement march to ...

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