[INFOGRAPHIC] Shades of Green: Where is all the E-waste Going?


Do you care about where your electronic equipments end up once you have conveniently disposed them off away from your close proximity? The whole reality to the treatment of e-waste is an ugly tale of indifference, ignorance and lack of concern on part of the authorities as well as the common man.     The e-waste that is so innocuously disposed off by us has very serious implications that reach far beyond our imagination. The waste disposed by the people in ...

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Where Does All The E-Waste End Up?


The swift changes in the development of technology have made the society modernized and sophisticated. Along with the positive changes such developments have exposed us to hazardous effects including e-waste. Toxic materials are emerging from the obsolete and out of dated electronic items that are dumped in the landfills. These toxic materials include heavy metals and contaminated water with chlorinated solvents which may affect our natural resources including soil and air. As per the estimates, America has produced ...

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