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The practices and methods surrounding the processing of e-waste pose serious threats to health of people, especially those who are directly dealing with the junk. Due to the toxic effects of e-waste on human health, it is crucial to make sure that e-waste is properly disposed off. Many states have a legal framework that defines proper dumping and reusing of e-waste. But most often these laws are neglected by people due to their ignorance to the legal procedure. A research conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) suggest that the US discards a superfluous amount of electronic waste, including TVs, monitors, mobile phones, and computer parts, approximated to 258.2m of which just 66% was recycled.

UN’s Step Initiative, a worldwide campaign to solve e-waste problem, estimates that electronic waste will grow by 33%, weighing the equivalent of eight of the great Egyptian pyramids, in the next four years. To address the growing amount of waste depositing around the world, experts look forward to E-recycling – a phenomenon involving reutilizing of electronic waste. It involves processing of worn-out electronic equipment and repackaging to reproduce low-cost refurbished electronics to be sold out in developing or less privileged countries such as Kenya, Philippines, Ghana, and Nigeria, etc.

Health Problems Due to the Negative Effects of E-Waste

In majority of cases, toxic e-waste is exported to developing or poor countries according to United Nations.  Of multiple reasons, few are lower transportation cost, increased utility (more profits) and less e-waste legislation and management hassle. However, this practice poses a serious health threat. The labor interacting or handling the e-waste gets exposed to harmful material such as lead, cadmium, chromium, brominated flame retardants or polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), from inhalation of toxic fumes, as well as from accumulation of chemicals in soil, water and food, says World Health Organization.

This is why the consumers must get familiarized with the proper guidelines of disposing of e-waste so that they can minimize its worst effects. Here are the rules that you should follow:

1. Discard Properly

Disposal is an important part of e-recycling. All your electronic equipments need a proper disposal to reduce their poisonous effects. Use double plastic-bag to dispose fragile materials, such as fluorescent light bulbs. Follow the guidelines given in the manual of the product prior to making a disposal.

2. Follow the Rules of Your Local Government

To ensure safety of your environment, you must contact with your local body authorities. As they are government professionals, they will rightly guide you to the rules regarding the disposal of e-waste. You can even call the government functionaries who pick up the garbage at your home. Check with website of your local government authority to know more about the process.

3. Secure Equipment That Has Hazardous Liquid

When dumping the electronic equipments that have toxic liquid materials, you must follow the standard operating procedure (SOP) before dumping it into the garbage. LCD contains mercury that might contaminate the water and affect the environment. So, you must dispose of electronic materials that contain any such liquids. Read the user manual for proper guidelines.

4. Give Away Your Gadgets

As a volunteer, you can even give away your electronic items to NGOs or needy students. What will be more gratifying than helping the others and saving the environment from negative effects of e-waste? You can even enjoy substantial cut downs in your tax if you donate your electronic equipments to a certified organization.

5. Sell Your Electronic Items at Junk Shop

Do not take your valuable electronics for granted. They can get you some valuable bucks. Locate a junk store and get a price quote. You will be surprised by the amount you can get by selling your old stuff. You can even put on your gadgets on online market, such as Craiglist.com. There are many gizmos fetishes whom you can sell your equipments at good price. They will get the stuff and you will earn some good bucks.

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