The average life span of a computer system in developed countries like US has significantly dropped over the recent years. In 1997, the usability of computers was between 5-6 years while the same has nosedived to just 2-3 years now. One of the main reasons for this is the increasing demand for quicker and faster computer systems. Each year, newer and improved versions of computer processing systems and laptops are released thereby creating a demand for change.

Don’t Just Replace Your Old Laptop and Computers. Recycle Them To Save The Environment.

When companies, businesses and individuals change their computer systems, it makes the previous ones obsolete / redundant. These outdated and unused systems are either discarded in the trash or end up as e-waste in landfills. Instead of replacing outdated computers and electronics and disposing IT waste altogether, one can opt for upgrading. This not only saves the organizations / individuals a lot of money, it also saves the time and efforts to procure the new systems.

Hummingbird International, LLC helps you upgrade your computer systems with free pick up services. We are experts in providing the best computer and electronics disposal services which allow our clients to save tons of money.

Recycle and Save The Planet

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