5 Green Ways to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day

If Saint Patrick was here today, he won’t be too happy about how people honor him every year. The Feast of Saint Patrick might be the greenest day of the year, but the way most people celebrate is anything but green. People tend to waste a lot during the holiday season. It is estimated that household waste increases by more than 25% between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. This stat shouldn’t come as a surprise. People tend to party hard during this time. And where there ...

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Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Plastic To Save the Ocean – Celebrating World Wildlife Day!

“Time is running out,” said Secretary General Ban Ki-moon as World Wildlife Day was celebrated at the United Nations on March 3rd. This day commemorates the fight against wildlife crime such as poaching. It also reminds us of a glaring reality; it is humans who kill wildlife. This problem isn’t only limited to poaching and other types of wildlife crime that endanger wildlife. The waste that we produce is lethal to animals too.  A landmark study concludes that over 400 marine species are at risk as ...

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