[INFOGRAPHIC] Waste NOT- Electronic Waste and Our Environment

E-waste is a threat, not only to the environment, but also to mankind – the below mentioned info-graphic states facts that impact everything around us.  

According to these stats, it is recorded that 60% of the computers are thrown away in the landfills, leaving them to emit toxic waste and make resources like, water and soil hazardous for both mankind and other living creatures. The landfill consists of 70% of the toxic waste and out of all that electronic waste 40% lead is found from the landfills. A single electronic device like a computer or monitor contains approximately 4lbs of lead. Lead causes risks and damages blood and nervous systems in humans and also affects the development of children’s brains.

Moreover if we look at the positive side of the infographic, it is mentioned that recycling one million laptops might save energy which could be equal to the electricity used in approximately 3,657 homes per year in the USA. Proper disposal of the computers can help create almost 296 jobs each year.

We must recycle electronic waste because once the waste is dumped in the landfills; the environment in which we breathe is exposed to the harmful toxins. We need to protect environment and public health by taking initiatives and recycle maximum electronics. The space that is taken by all those electronics in the landfills can be used for any other productive purpose. If we conserve those landfill spaces and instead of dumping electronics, we can either recycle them or reuse them in every possible way.

Donate, re-sell or give away all those electronic items that might look useless to you. That way, you can help others and get rid of your e-waste in a positive manner.

We need to take every possible step through recycling, reusing and reducing the electronic waste so that we can make this environment worth living in.

Electronic Waste Infographic

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