[VIDEO] How Electronics Are Recycled?

Recycle Electronic

Did you know that the gold component in your old cell phone can be used to create jewelry? Electronic waste contains many recoverable and valuable materials such as copper, silver, plastics, aluminum and ferrous materials. All of these items can be put to good use if they are harvested properly. Unfortunately, most of these components are wasted in unregulated recycling processes. Global e-waste dumping is only one of the causes of the wastage. Irresponsible dumping by consumers is another cause.

Why are these practices so common? It is because the general consumer is not equipped to dismantle such equipment safely or efficiently. It takes specialized equipment and machinery to destroy and sort recyclable components from electronic waste.  Reprocessing plants are the answer to this problem. These centers have the equipment and manpower needed to recycle electronic waste responsibly.

Is sending old electric items to these centers a better alternative than dumping them in the trash? How do these centers separate valuable components from discarded electronic items? Where are the harvested raw materials sent to? How are they made reusable? Watch this video and find out.

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