Think Green For 2016 – Electronic Waste Disposal Made Easy


As the year 2015 comes to a close its time to take a more responsible approach; by gearing your New Year Resolutions towards managing e-waste. However, the prospect can seem insurmountable if you have piles of old cords, devices, gizmos and gadgets to get rid of. Fortunately, e-waste becomes easier to manage once you know how. Here are some ideas that will help you take a conscious approach towards the ordeal and keep your waste in check as ...

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10 Leading Companies That Efficiently Went “Green”


If you believe the global push to going green is driven entirely by concerned citizens, politicians and non-profit organizations, it’s time to rethink! Recently a number of leading companies have walked their way to eco-friendly and sustainable business practices. We have listed down some of them, who adopted “green” so successfully that sustainability is now an essential part of their business operations! Have a look here. 1. McDonalds Giving in to the increasing public shift towards green living, McDonalds smartly ...

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Why Recycling Is More Crucial In Mobile Era?


The world has witnessed a radical industrial expansion and evolution over the past two centuries. New machines and technologies are created, replaced by their advanced forms, and eventually find their way to the landfills.  A great part of the world is in jeopardy because of this reckless environmental degradation. Few measures for the salvation of our earth have emerged in the past few decades – a weak, but necessary reform in our ways. In the words of an American ...

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Social Responsibility – Collapse of the Environment and the Corporate Promise


Our planet Earth is outraged, violated and marred. Human civilization has played an ominously grimy hand in environmental destruction for the past few hundred years. Industrial revolution, World Wars, nuclear tests and bombing, oil and radiation spills, alongside mass deforestation, urbanization, fossil fuel consumption, and other infractions against nature have worsened matters for all the species. The world’s natural ecosystems are ruthlessly ravaged. Ecological footprints are increasing at such a radical rate that many vast regions of our ...

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Recycling by the Numbers


We often see the symbol of recycling on garbage bags, dump trucks and trash cans. Children all around the globe are taught the phrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” in the hope of creating a green and clean environment. I am sure we all understand that recycling is a simple way to make the world a better place to live. But, you may think recycling should have more benefits than just reducing the amount we throw out. After all, we need to ...

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