Think Green For 2016 – Electronic Waste Disposal Made Easy


As the year 2015 comes to a close its time to take a more responsible approach; by gearing your New Year Resolutions towards managing e-waste. However, the prospect can seem insurmountable if you have piles of old cords, devices, gizmos and gadgets to get rid of. Fortunately, e-waste becomes easier to manage once you know how. Here are some ideas that will help you take a conscious approach towards the ordeal and keep your waste in check as ...

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Keeping Your Holiday Waste In Check 101


Like it or not, most of us tend to stack up too much waste during the holiday season. From gift wrappings to travelling to another state to spend Christmas with the family; everything has an impact on energy use. In fact, according to the United States Environment Protection Agency (EPA), household waste usually increases in the days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. E-waste also reaches its peak during this time of year. The high tech holiday hullaballoo ...

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One Step Greener: Lego Reconsidering its Production Material


The renowned toy company, Lego is committed to go green as it recently expressed its intent to invest a mammoth amount of $150 million in a project to develop new sustainable materials that will be used in its production process. The iconic building blocks by Lego are made up of plastic; realizing the damage that this material cause, the brand now wants to opt for an alternative. The organization also showed its plans to bring forth and promote environment-friendly ...

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COP21 Envisaging Safe Climate For The World

United Nations Conference

Just after ruthless and horrendous act of terrorism in Paris, the city is creating a buzz once again, but this time for all the right reasons. The United Nations Conference on Climate Change that seemed wavering at first is now finally taking place in Paris and world leaders from 150 countries are taking part in it. The conference kicked off on November 30th is Paris and will continue till December 11th. Whether it’s the jeopardy of e-waste that this ...

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