Use These Super Cool Green Gadgets To Save Energy In Your Home!


This is the point in time when technological innovation is helping us saving energy. There are several gadgets in the market which make the energy saving process easier than it was before. From smart light bulbs to solar chargers, being green is now an important part of the home automation craze reaching every home. Some of the cool energy saving options are listed here which would not even cost you a fortune! Smart Bulbs LED light bulbs are by far the best ...

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How E-Waste Recycling Secures National Defense Interests


If someone says that electronic waste recycling can benefit our national defense system, would you be surprised? You must be! But guess what? It definitely can! Electronic recycling goes beyond just the environment and has all the potential to protect the U.S defense system from the grave risks posed by failure-prone counterfeit E-parts. The counterfeit parts have permeated the defense supply chain of U.S, so building up the e-waste recycling program might rein in counterfeit electronic parts. How E-Waste Encourages ...

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