10 Leading Companies That Efficiently Went “Green”


If you believe the global push to going green is driven entirely by concerned citizens, politicians and non-profit organizations, it’s time to rethink! Recently a number of leading companies have walked their way to eco-friendly and sustainable business practices. We have listed down some of them, who adopted “green” so successfully that sustainability is now an essential part of their business operations! Have a look here. 1. McDonalds Giving in to the increasing public shift towards green living, McDonalds smartly ...

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The Most Anticipated Recycling Trends In The Near Future!


The past decade has been quite riveting for the eco-movement. It has been an era accentuating ecofriendly urban housing, and cardboard recycling. We are continuing to see a similar course today with new sustainable development projects and recycling measures. To have a better insight into where we are headed in the future; we have rounded up a few anticipated trends which you shouldn’t brush aside in the near future. • Farewell Plastic! Plastic is expected to take a back seat, ...

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How Innovation Can Champion E-Waste Management


Who does not fancy a new, cool gadget? Especially when we want to keep up with the latest onslaught of technological changes. But, have you ever wondered -  what happens to our old gadgets? Well, we hardly think about it, and this is where innovation and e-waste management come in. As the issue of waste management took the recycling industry by storm, innovative ideas began surfacing for managing e-waste. Some of these ideas have brought a major ...

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