Throwing Out Electronics? Not Anymore. New Philadelphia State Law


The Issue: Recycling has always been a burning issue. With activists calling for more drop off points and greater concern. But the reality is that most people don’t want to recycle. They consider it a cumbersome and tedious task and would rather just throw everything in one trash can. All that is about to change. Until very recently Philadelphians recycled a dismal amount of their trash. But all that began to change a few years ago when the city stepped up its ...

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15 Jaw Dropping Facts That Will Make You Get Up And Recycle!


Recycling is a necessity, not a luxury. If you live under a rock or still haven’t opened up your eyes yet, our dear Earth isn’t doing too well lately and the amount of time the scientists predict we have left is decreasing at an alarming rate. Despite the strides we appear to be making towards eco consciousness as a country, we have a long way to go in helping the Earth, as evidenced by our complicated relationship with recycling. If we are ...

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10 Ways To Involve The Community In E-Waste Recycling


The population of the world is growing, not shrinking, and currently each human being adds significant waste to the planet over his or her lifetime. In New York alone, people produce enough trash in one day to fill the entire Empire State building. Recycling is one means of ensuring that the items we've finished using get returned to the resources pool and either get turned into something else or are cleaned and reused. The benefits of recycling are innumerable. In the ...

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