[INFOGRAPHIC] Recycling by the Numbers


We often see the symbol of recycling on garbage bags, dump trucks and trash cans. Children all around the globe are taught the phrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” in the hope of creating a green and clean environment. I am sure we all understand that recycling is a simple way to make the world a better place to live. But, you may think recycling should have more benefits than just reducing the amount we throw out. After all, we need to ...

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Once is NOT Enough: Recycle with e-Stewards Recyclers


The electronic items that are discarded, broken or become obsolete all go somewhere. People should take care to remember that when you throw away something, it doesn’t simply disappear. You can’t hide it in a magical place called “AWAY”. All the discarded electronics might end up in a local landfill, perhaps in a village in China or a slum in Ghana. But we should care, about the place where it will go and be disposed of. You want to ...

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